Bluetherium Is the First Decentralized Financial Ecosystem Tailored for Sports

Place/Date: - March 23rd, 2022 at 10:59 am UTC · 5 min read
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Bluetherium Is the First Decentralized Financial Ecosystem Tailored for Sports

What Is Bluetherium?

Bluetherium is a decentralized financial ecosystem for professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, and people who want to be successful in or have limited access to sports.

Acting as a reliable alternative to traditional payment solutions for consumer health and fitness products and services, Bluetherium is an organization that aims to solve major problems in the sports industry. We aim to keep our community alive and expand by offering awards through various events and activities.

Our Vision

We are working hard to build a better future for the world of sports, and to develop an ecosystem that encourages athletes by replacing existing infrastructures.

We want to help people in developing countries and those who have limited access to sports right from our development stage by utilizing the ecosystem we have created. To achieve this, we plan to organize competitions and events and ensure that we reach people in need.


Sports have a positive effect on the health and socialization of the individual.

In the 21st century, eating habits and increased calorie intake of society due to ever-changing lifestyles and decreasing physical activity cause serious health problems.

With the addition of the pandemic, the level of physical activity has dropped to even lower levels, decreasing the socialization and social habits of individuals even further.

Moreover, professional and amateur athletes have also been negatively affected by the outbreak, and this has led to additional problems.

The problems faced by athletes can be summarized in 2 main headings:


Lack of Facilities:

There are insufficiencies in the quantity and quality of facilities that athletes have access to.

The fact that there is only a limited number of facilities that athletes can access in their home countries makes it difficult for them to progress, and the lack of resources necessary for certain sports branches in their hometowns cause great disadvantages for the training of potential athletes.

Lack of Equipment:

One of the main shortcomings that affect the quality of the athletes’ sports experiences, as mentioned above, is the fact that athletes cannot reach the equipment required for their goals causing decreased performance and preventing the necessary development that is a vital part of personal development.

Athletes’ Financing:

Professional and amateur athletes who participate in less popular sports branches in their home country find it hard to find sponsor support, and the inadequacy of an athlete’s financial condition often leads them to quit or to change the sports branch that they are initially interested in, especially in cases where when they cannot find financial aid.

Insufficient Ergogenic Support:

Lack of financing affects the continuity of the athletes’ development.

Perhaps the biggest detrimental impact on the development of athletes is the lack of funding to obtain ergogenic support, also leading to nutrition deficiency.

Health Assurance:

Athletes, especially in sports branches other than popular ones usually face health burdens if their own families do not have health insurance, or if they don’t have sufficient financing.

*In most cases there is also an absence of health insurance policies that is enough to cover all of the athletes’ needs, regardless of their branch.

Insufficient Federation Budget:

There is often a lack of budget allocation for most sports branches in federations.

This inadequacy causes the athlete or sports club to face obstacles while preparing for competitions, to finance the athletes, the club and the competition, and to provide for transportation and accommodation.


Lack of trainers:

There is usually a shortage of specialized trainers in various sports branches due to a lack of financing.

The excess number of athletes per trainer affects both the quality and the amount of time allocated per individual athlete, causing inadequate physiology, nutrition and culture, creating athletes who are not competent in the science of training, who lack basic sports knowledge and those with insufficient education.

The lack of training directly affects the success of the sports branch and decreases the continuity and health of the athlete.

The main obstacles for the development of sports can be summarized by the following:

1- Sports being perceived as a luxury lifestyle
2- Society’s ignorance related to sports
3- Insufficient financing for less popular sports branches
4- Limited financial support and facilities for professional athletes
5- Lack of support for young talents who are enthusiastic about sports, especially in developing countries such as Africa
6- Not enough incentives for sports in daily life
7- Health problems
8- Insufficient support for the Paralympics


Bluetherium aims to utilize blockchain and metaverse technology to solve the financial problems of the sports industry. By building a DeFi ecosystem tailored for sports, we aim to incentivize the community to both increase their sports activities and earn money while doing so.


  1. Is a decentralized financial ecosystem tailored for the sports industry.
  2. Includes a mining system that involves the activities of people engaged in sports, both for professional or hobby purposes.
  3. Is a platform where athletes and sports fans can get together.
  4. Will establish sports facilities to aid the community.
  5. Will spread sports and training in popular culture by conducting various events and activities, and prevent sports from being perceived as a luxury lifestyle.

How Can I Get $BLUT?

$BLUT is currently only available through our ICO launchpad in 3 phases with the following prices:

  • Phase I: 0,2 USD
  • Phase II: 0,3 USD,
  • Phase III: 0,4 USD

Following the completion of the ICO, we will apply to several CEXs as well as DEXs.

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