– The World’s First Cricket Play 2 Earn Game Launches

March 23rd, 2022 at 3:30 pm UTC · 3 min read - The World’s First Cricket Play 2 Earn Game Launches

The story of how Cricket became the sport we recognize today is a fascinating one. It has evolved into a fast-paced blockbuster crowd-puller and has yet retained its purest essence in the form of Test Cricket. With the advent of technology and its undeniable penetration in Cricket, this is an opportune moment to further revolutionize and democratise the sport and empower its 2.5 billion global fans. Leading this revolution is a group of passionate technology and cricket experts who have come together to build – World’s first Play-to-Earn (P2E) cricket platform built on blockchain technology. has pioneered a cricket experience where the users can generate an earning by applying their knowledge and passion for the game. The core idea is using an innovative game-play model where users bring their team to compete against friends and the Bowled community. The gaming platform would enable the fans to use cricket-related skills and reap exciting social and economic benefits. It has both free-to-play and NFT based play-to-earn game modes and is slated to be released later this year. sees itself as a catalyst for creating new socio-economic opportunities enabled by in-game economies built on top of public blockchains. The platform design enables one of the world’s largest and most passionate sports communities to leverage their love and understanding of cricket into actual life earnings. is making substantial strides towards realising this goal with the backing of 20,000+ passionate community members who are early supporters of the project and eagerly waiting for the launch of the entire gameplay.

Users can acquire NFTs representing cricketing assets. These NFTs would be required to participate and win at the games against other users. The NFTs will be dropped ahead of the release of the game. The first NFT drop will happen on March 26th, the same day as the kickoff of IPL season 2022. The NFT release schedule and details will be announced shortly.

The Team, Advisors and Early Investors behind Bowled is based in Singapore and India and is the brainchild of Akshay Khandelwal (ex-McKinsey & Co), Rahul Singh (ex-Star Sports) & Neeraj Jhanji (Serial Entrepreneur). They have conceptualized and built, striving to create an amazing gaming experience for Cricket lovers across the globe and establishing a culture of celebrating fandom!

The startup is advised by some of the industry leading names in the Sports, Gaming, and Blockchain space. Industry leaders from consumer media organizations including Facebook, Google, Star Sports, and blockchain organizations including Multichain Research, Huobi Exchange, PrimeBlock have backed the project. Bowled is also in partnership conversations with multiple ecosystem players including Cricketing KOLs, studios, guilds, launch pads, market makers and exchanges. has raised funding from marquee global investors and industry leaders, reflecting their faith and commitment towards the project. This being one of the largest seed funding rounds in the sports gaming space globally marks an important milestone for in their pursuit of catering to a worldwide audience. is also booking interest from strategic investors for their upcoming private round.

The investment will be used to continue building the platform, its core gaming infrastructure, and the upcoming products to grow a strong and loyal user base across the Indian subcontinent and globally. socials: Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Discord.


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