Breadwallet Offers First ‘Decentralized’ Bitcoin Wallet for iOS Users

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Breadwallet Offers First ‘Decentralized’ Bitcoin Wallet for iOS Users
Breadwallet is the world's first bitcoin wallet for iOS, where you hold your money right on your own device without relying on any third party service. Photo: Breadwallet/GitHub

The new decentralized bitcoin wallet app for iOS devices, entitled Breadwallet, was released and can be downloaded from iOS App Store now.

New bitcoin wallet app, called Breadwallet, is now available for users of iOS devices. According to the developers, the wallet management remains simple for users.

Moreover, the app will eliminate the possibility of hacking attacks that often strike decentralized devices and provides protection from browser security holes.

Breadwallet, which is featured at now, has already received positive comments from Reddit users.

The app directly connects the bitcoin network through ‘simplified payment verification’ (SPV). Aaron Voisine, creator of Breadwallet, said the app differs from other Apple platform-based apps that are “server-trusting” or “wrappers around web windows”.

New BIP32 HD wallet enables users to recover all their bitcoin addresses, including private and public ones, using one simple phrase. If you remember the phrase, it is possible to restore the wallet using other devices if yours is lost.

Breadwallet is claimed to be the first decentralized bitcoin wallet for iOS devices. Another version of decentralized bitcoin wallet is Hive wallet, which it is made for Android platform. However, it utilizes similar deterministic tree structure (BIP39) used by Breadwallet.

Voisine noted he wanted to use iOS in order to eliminate the need to secure a desktop or Android device, the problem that presents difficulties even for more experienced technical users.

He said: “As bitcoin grows to become a major world currency, malware theft is going to be a huge problem. Stealing digital cash is way more lucrative than turning people’s machines into spambots or stealing credit cards.”

Moreover, Apple’s platform allowed developers to minimize the risk of malware and protect the users who lose their devices.

Voisine added: “You’re going to get robbed because you think you know more than you actually do. Any jailbreak app has total control of your phone and your wallet. I understand the temptation to use it with a little bit of money, but you will get lazy because it will be convenient to use right up until it isn’t.”

He said he intended to build the wallet with a “beautiful, convenient user experience that is also as secure as possible for people who have zero understanding of computer security.”

There are currently more than 10 wallet and payment services available on iOS, among others Gliph, Blockchain, Hive, Bity, Coin Pocket and GreenAddress.

Previously, Voisine was the developer of Yammer and the co-founder of Lightt Inc.

While developing the new bitcoin app for Apple, developing the app’s SPV mode bitcoin network client portion was the most difficult for Voisine, as he was the first one to write it for iOS. He said: “All the Android wallets that are SPV use Mike Hearn’s bitcoinj, which took over a year to write.”

Breadwallet is now available for free download on the iOS App Store.

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