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Breakthrough WEB 3.0 Prisoner’s Dilemma, to Achieve Highlight Moment of XMETAVERSE PRO 

September 8th, 2022 at 12:47 pm UTC · 4 min read

For the concept of WEB 3.0, there are many different opinions in the industry, and it seems difficult to give it an authoritative, comprehensive, easy to understand and unique explanation. But in any case, there is one thing no doubt about : the so-called “new world” is for the “old era”, and the advantages of WEB 3.0 have to be discussed in comparison with WEB 2.0.

In the Web 2.0 era, user information was stored by a third-party centralized server. The disadvantage of a centralized third-party server is obvious: the user does not have full control over his or her own information. If you violate the rules of the centralized platform, then sorry, the platform can delete your account at any time. Or if the platform closes, the content of the user’s account will face the unfortunate situation of permanent disappearance. On the contrary, in Web 3.0, the “authentication of personal identity” has become the most important part. Technically speaking, Web 3.0 is fully capable of supporting such a task, because Web 3.0 is mainly built on three new and innovative technologies: edge computing, decentralized data networks and artificial intelligence. So, Web 3.0 can completely provide effective protection for all the user’s information, data.

Breakthrough WEB 3.0 Prisoner's Dilemma, to Achieve Highlight Moment of XMETAVERSE PRO 

So, does this mean that the coming world of Web 3.0 is bright and free of flaws and shortcomings? This is not the case.

If WEB 3.0 wants to completely subvert WEB 2.0 and establish a new network system, there are still two important difficulties to overcome.

First, to create a network world without trust, without permission. The so-called “openness”, indicates that the developer community remains open, accessible, and completely transparent; the so-called “no trust”, indicates that participants can interact freely without trusting third parties to verify; the so-called “no authorization” refers to the right of any user to participate, even authorities like government. Only in this way, can the vision of blockchain as a “decentralized network” be achieved.

Breakthrough WEB 3.0 Prisoner's Dilemma, to Achieve Highlight Moment of XMETAVERSE PRO 

Second, to provide digital ownership rights for digital assets in the network, so that they can get the value they deserve. In the era of WEB 2.0, the issue of copyright has always been criticized. Many works posted on the Internet platform by original authors are not get due protected, and plagiarism was prevalent. However, in the WEB 3.0 era, with the technology and devices of NFT, users can have digitally copyright to their original works, thus protecting their lifelong rights.

However, the reality is always unsatisfactory. Although many projects are claimed to be able to achieve “integration”, they are still inevitably trapped in specific applications and become “islands” in the process of operation.

In order to avoid the prisoner’s dilemma in WEB 3.0, XMETAVERSE PRO has done a thorough research and development to build a virtuous cycle, two-way incentive open block ecological network, and cultivate long-term, lasting community stakeholders, so as to make the whole ecology more healthily and smoothly.

XMETAVERSE PRO will always implement the concept of “DeFi 2.0 + WEB 3.0 + DAO” , and actively expand the platform and community consensus, which will combine decentralized financial system, smart contract system and decentralized autonomous organization to reshape the existing Internet operation model. To be precise, the focus of all XMETAVERSE PRO’s efforts is to create a completely decentralized web 3.0 Internet value transmission ecosystem.

As we all know, WEB 3.0 is a diversified network ecology that includes multiple applications and scenarios such as NFT, DeFi, Meta-Universe, GameFi, etc.

As a meta-universe ecological project initiated by X METAVERSE INC, a start-up financial technology company, XMETAVERSE PRO has an outstanding first shot and is dedicated to creating its own unique meta-universe world. In the metaverse section of XMETAVERSE, you will see a series of sections including NFT, GameFi, Capital Pool, and Farm, in which users can completely complete the whole project’s inner circle.

The XMETAVERSE PRO team members have their dreams and visions in their hearts. “Breaking the prisoner dilemma and keeping a smooth user experience” is just the first step of their layout. In the near future, XMETAVERSE PRO will also build a unique 3D immersive metaverse virtual city, XMETAWORLD.

Here, everything is decentralized and users can live, start a business, make business, work, invest, socialize, etc. in the metaverse.What XMETAVERSE PRO team is going to build is not only a new metaverse society, but also an innovative financial ecological civilization.

So far we firmly believe that the emergence of XMETA will be a revolution, let’s wait and see.

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