Breezecoin Is Kick-starting New Year with Massive Project Development

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Breezecoin Is Kick-starting New Year with Massive Project Development
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Having 60 years of experience in the traditional real estate business, Breezecoin is now implementing the blockchain-based cryptocurrency technology into its projects.

It didn’t take long for several industries to discover the sheer benefits of leveraging on the blockchain technology. Real estate – unarguably one of the world’s oldest industries is already experiencing disruption from one of the world’s newest – the blockchain technology.

The real estate industry is becoming a cash cow for many nations driven by the private sector economy. The total global real estate valuation comes to a whopping $217 trillion total, and residential property makes up about 75% of the total value. This number keeps skyrocketing as the day goes by.

The recent decade ushered in its share of great innovative changes in the real estate sector, thanks to the disruptive nature of blockchain technology. Following this innovation is Breezecoin at the heart of the modern real estate industry.

Breezecoin is a multinational real estate investment project, with its 60 years of valuable experience in the traditional real estate business, the company is on its journey of combining blockchain-based cryptocurrency technology to aid the business of real estate investment.

Since its inception, the project has had a record number of steady growth, in this progression, BRZE – the native token of Breezecoin saw an astronomical rise in value, after trading around $0.16 sometime in September, it peaked at $0.48 before the close of the previous year.

Launching into the new year, the team is already speeding up development and organizing business meetings and events in light of communicating and revealing its planned roadmap and progress made thus far. In the same spirit, the Breezecoin International event was scheduled to take place on the 5th of January, 2020.

This event which was organized in the MKM culture center had in its keynote the unveiling of the future roadmap for Breezecoin, progress of project development with a review of past and present ongoing Breeze De Mar projects. This event featured top representatives around the blockchain and real estate sector.

This year, the company will be witnessing a massive expansion, touching all aspects of the business. Project Vegas, an arm of the Breezecoin project which was initially planned to launch on or before April is currently witnessing lightspeed development, a major aspect of Vegas has been already completed, the launch date is right on track.

The Orlando project which was started right before the Breezecoin project now has a completion timeframe as the building of the project will commence with full-force this year. This serial development ongoing at once within the Breezecoin ecosystem is inconsonant with its goal of becoming a global company in the near foreseeable future. this makes things exciting.

Following the huge success recorded by the project in the previous year, 2020 is already presenting itself as another great year for all Breezecoin team and its numerous investors. This translates into greater token value for BRZE and more use cases.

Presently, BRZE token which is the underlying economy powering the Breezecoin platform has a handful of benefits for investors and users across blockchain and real estate industry. All monetary and business transactions within the Breezecoin ecosystem and beyond could be facilitated using the BRZE token, including the purchase of real estate resorts.

Token holders are not without massive benefits, according to its whitepaper, all forms of packages earned from mortgage papers will be distributed on a percentage-average holding basis to token holders as of January 31, 2019, and moving forward. This utility sets BRZE token as a mortgage staking cryptocurrency with package benefits which serves as a monthly passive income for all its investors.

Marching forward into the new year, there are a lot of prospects to look out for in Breezecoin, especially as it benefits all investors across the crypto community. Leveraging on Breezecoin’s 60 years of valuable experience, the future could unarguably be considered as a familiar playing ground. Should you be building your portfolio; BRZE is one good token to watch out for in this year of the bulls.

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