Bulleon Announces Expansion of Its Advisory Team

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Bulleon Announces Expansion of Its Advisory Team
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The startup, which wants to revolutionize the sector of online financial transactions, is welcoming three top blockchain experts to its board.

Bulleon, the Estonia-based company, is proud to announce the addition of three new members, who will join the company as a brain trust, directly influencing the foundation and its actions.

Member Details

The three new members are Vladimir Nikitin, Phillip Nunn, and Nikolay Shkilev, who will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency, financial technology, and IT technology.

Nikitin is rated #2 on ICObench and has participated in over 50 successful ICO launches. A consulting professional, his experience goes beyond the crypto sphere and extends into legal, finance, retail, and IT industries as well.

Nunn is the founder of The Blackmore Group, which offers a numerous investment products. His experience in the financial market surpasses 15 years, with a focus on angel investments, fintech, commercial property investments, and wealth management. Nunn has been involved in advisory boards of numerous blockchain projects and travels the world advocating the cryptocurrency.

Last but not least, Shkilev is the co-founder of Top Blockchain Advisors and is also involved in several other enterprises. He is a renowned blockchain advisor and an ICObench expert. Within the last two decades, Shkilev has received the Self-made Russia award, Tech guru, and the Super TOP award, and has been rated in the top 10 in people of Blockchain.

Bulleon is not just another digital asset service

Bulleon is differentiating itself from other digital asset services, crafting a seamless experience from the ground up with expert supervision. Besides offering a digital asset exchange, Bulleon will also provide a biometric hardware wallet with login authentication, an internal debit card, and e-commerce services for merchants.

Bulleon will also operate two platforms: one for peer-to-peer lending, and another is for cloud mining. Users will be able to navigate all of these offerings with a never-before-seen interface, combining crypto with a digital dashboard.

“I’m very proud to announce that I joined the team of real professionals and crypto enthusiasts from the team Bulleon. Bulleon is a universal tool for generating profit, includes a cryptocurrency trading platform and international debit card, a mobile app. This is the world for working with a cryptocurrency with a lot of tools,” Nikitin said.

With Bulleon making their services available to everyone, they are bringing the same concept to their decentralized token sale. Most of the current projects are having a private sale, where tokens are sold in large amounts at lower cost to investors that have huge amounts of wealth. These proceeds are then used for marketing the main sale, where tokens are sold at a much higher price.

Truly Decentralized Token Sale

Bulleon, instead, allows smaller investors to participate in the early stage funding, with no minimum or maximum limits. This promotes a more fair distribution of tokens, enabling anyone, from large contributors to early birds, to contribute into the project.

For more information on the team, interested users can meet the team here. Bulleon is also available on Facebook as well as Twitter, and users can also chat with others on Telegram.

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