California Space Center Announces Copernic, a Blockchain System for the Space Economy

October 10th, 2016 at 10:10 pm UTC · 3 min read

Eva Blaisdell, founder of the California Space Center endeavor, has announced the launch of “Copernic,” a blockchain-based, finance-focused rights management system developed for the space industry. Copernic, named after the legendary Polish astronomer Copernicus, will provide the infrastructure for the future space economy and ecosystem to be built upon.

Elon Musk, the legendary founder of SpaceX, Tesla, and Paypal, recently presented plans at the ICA in Guadalajara outlining the next era of space exploration and the first steps towards colonization. Copernic was designed as to be a platform the Space Colonization Era. With a system designed to be functional both on Earth and in space, Copernic aims to give the ecosystem an efficient and transparent platform for the transfer of value and registration of rights.

With Copernic, space “assets” will have a precise, defined value that can be transferred and realized for the first time. At first, the California Space Center will establish this platform to serve as a framework of transactions between space-related activities here on earth. It will include a present use-case for Copernic to assist in the sale of space-related fashion, music, and entertainment, while allowing for the execution of the planned $300 million Space Center development.

The California Space Center focuses on verticals the traditional space industry does not, including, in particular, the future economy. While other players in the space industry concentrate on critical physical goals for space such as transportation, the California Space Center aims to develop the industry’s potential economy, through everything from the development of education initiatives, VR entertainment, fashion and wearables.

“Now is the time to embrace the limitless possibility of the Space Economy. The economy should not rely on sluggish and inefficient systems that currently dominate earth operations,” said Blaisdell. “Blockchain is rapidly becoming an integral part of the most advanced systems on earth. Just as with rocket technology, the foundation for space’s economy should be based on future standards. Tremendous distance is only one of the many problems that must be solved with a future system; a blockchain with independent integrity is required for the space economy to grow.”

With skyrocketing potential for transactions in space and between Earth, Blaisdell sees Copernic as a catalyst for future economic growth. The California Space Center has engaged the Coinfirm Blockchain Lab, a project from the central European leader in blockchain compliance, to oversee the development of the currency and platform. Although Copernic is will not rely on traditional financial system, risks must be mitigated. Coinfirm will provide its blockchain AML risk and compliance platform in order to ensure that Copernic will be able to establish trust and to connect with financial systems on Earth.

Copernic will be the platform to develop blockchain applications within the space industry. To that end, California Space Center plans to open the first blockchain Laboratory dedicated to space applications, and is now accepting applications from potential partners.

Blaisdell announced further details in Los Angeles on September 29 during the Mars City Design Gala Awards event at Annenberg Center.

About California Space Center
Based in Los Angeles, the California Space Center is platform and facility revolutionizing the future economy of space. Founded by Eva Blaisdell, an entrepreneur with more than 35 years of experience in the technology industry, California Space Center is the developer of a unique platform solving problems for the wider space economy and a leader in providing innovative products and experiences around Space.
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