Can Launchpads Like BoostX, Unicrypt, and Launchpool Help Recover The Crypto Market Crash?

June 28th, 2022 at 2:25 pm UTC · 3 min read

At the moment, the crypto market is in an uncertain situation due to the recent market crash. Unsure of how the market will recover and when, one factor that may play into its recovery is launchpads. As launchpads are created to help upcoming crypto projects raise funds and build a community, they are also useful to users that are looking to purchase tokens for low prices. Some of the best launchpads that could potentially help recover the market are BoostX, Unicrypt, and Launchpool.

Can Launchpads Like BoostX, Unicrypt, and Launchpool Help Recover The Crypto Market Crash?


On its way to dominating the launchpad sector of the market, BoostX invites users to purchase low-cost tokens for upcoming projects. With its wide range of projects, users have many options to choose from when it comes to deciding which project is the best one for them. From DeFi projects to meme coins, users can find a project to suit their interests.

Additionally, BoostX ensures to put each project through a vetting process in which each project is analysed and evaluated. This is done to ensure user safety and project reliability. Users are put at ease knowing that every project has been through this and know that the project has a high potential for success.

As a multi-chain launchpad, BoostX supports projects built on Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, Terra, and Polygon. This creates diversity for users as a wider range of projects is provided. This will help BoostX grow its audience and community.


As Decentralised Finance (DeFi) has been a growing sector in the crypto market, especially in recent years, more projects focus on decentralisation. Essentially removing the need for a third-party such as a bank when making financial transactions, many believe DeFi will be the future of finance.

Hence, Unicrypt is a great launchpad that could potentially recover the crypto market as it focuses entirely on upcoming decentralised projects. With the aim to bring value to the DeFi space as a whole by providing flexible and audited technology, Unicrypt supports projects built on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and xDai Chain. Similar to BoostX, its multi-chain functionality enables it to reach a larger audience of users.

Can Launchpads Like BoostX, Unicrypt, and Launchpool Help Recover The Crypto Market Crash?


Another great launchpad that could help recover the market is Launchpool. Focusing on its users and community, Launchpool believes that all token holders are as important as each other and that investment funds and communities should work together on projects to reach the same goal.

Over the last six months, Launchpool has successfully helped six different projects launch. The main attraction of Launchpool is that users can become a part of an engaged community that can leverage the power of the crowd and turbocharge growth hacking. Plus, there is a lot of community engagement and feedback, providing users with deeper insights into why and how projects become successful. With this information, users can make strong investment decisions on how to earn large profits.

How Can These Launchpads Help Recover the Market?

New projects that are set to launch soon are a great way to help the market rise again. Rather than investing in bigger cryptocurrencies, the community and funds raised for upcoming projects will have the potential to revive the market as a whole.

Whilst the future of some already established coins is uncertain, the newer projects are more likely to pave the way for the future of crypto. Hence, launchpads such as BoostX, Unicrypt, and Launchpool can play a large role in the recovery of the market.