Can Supontis Rise to Join the League of Binance Coin or Theta Network?

August 15th, 2022 at 3:47 pm UTC · 4 min read

In the technology-driven world, crypto coins remain a trendy option to accelerate wealth generation. Despite the current crypto winter, buyers have not backed out, and the coin market continues to see the steady launching of new projects. A new cryptocurrency is available at a rock-bottom price where an increase is often seen after its initial market offering, thus, enabling buyers an alternative avenue to establish crypto gains.

Supontis (PON) is one such new cryptocurrency that has led to much anticipation in the coin market. Crypto influencers and buyers see the coin with huge possibilities to shoot up in the future. As PON is about to enter the presale phase, let’s see if it can be as successful as Binance Coin (BNB) or THETA in giving buyers a memorable ROI.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Can Supontis Rise to Join the League of Binance Coin or Theta Network?

Binance coin ranks fifth in the cryptocurrency market and holds close to $40 billion in market capitalization. Introduced in September 2017 at a paltry $0.17, BNB peaked at $623 in November 2021. Designed to facilitate transactions and settle payments, its growth story has surpassed all expectations.

BNB is now a widely adopted coin and is available on several crypto exchanges. Binance coin is now widely adopted across a plethora of services, including hotel and travel bookings, financial products, and retail outlets. Many entertainment and gaming businesses have also begun accepting it.

Binance started on the Ethereum blockchain. However, following a rapid expansion in its acceptance, it moved to the Binance Smart Chain to reduce user fees while making transactions faster. Simultaneously, it started a world-class DeFi exchange and now offers a 25% discount to BNB traders. These features entice 80 million Binance platform users to continue holding BNB coins, and this always keeps the crypto coin in demand.

Theta Network (THETA)

THETA is another innovative crypto project. It began with a 2017 private token sale that garnered $20 million. A full coin market introduction followed in 2018. However, a year later, THETA moved from the Ethereum blockchain to its Mainnet version. Despite its migration, it remains an ERC-20 token allowing wider interoperability.

Between May 2020 and May 2021, when COVID-19 ravaged the world, THETA rose 17,892%. This is because of its focus on becoming a medium for video streaming. The classical blockchain before the THETA network was inept in handling video applications. THETA decentralized streaming and resolved bandwidth issues. As many began to see it as successful as YouTube in broadcasting technology, investments increased. This pushed THETA to the top tier in the cryptocurrency market.

Innovative technologies brought by THETA leverage Ethereum’s huge user base to grow its censors-free and low-cost video-broadcasting profile. The increasing use of streaming services further boosts its popularity and makes THETA a power coin to watch.

Supontis (PON)

Can Supontis Rise to Join the League of Binance Coin or Theta Network?

The coin market is alive with big expectations from Supontis. Even many, who missed BNB and THETA heydays, see PON presales as an opportunity to script a similar crypto success. Supontis aims to take blockchain to the next level, where it can provide optimum benefits to users and traders.

Currently, there are four generations of blockchain in the cryptocurrency market. Each generation has a range of networks boasting exclusive features. Supontis allows multiple super bridges to interconnect the entire gamut of blockchain features. Users can pay in PON and easily do cross-chain data, money, and information exchange without any fear for security or privacy.

This cross-chain bridging of assets can make PON the cornerstone of all crypto transactions. Supontis creates an ecosystem that has the convenience and reliability of Ethereum backed by the lightning speed, affordability, and safety of Binance. As this will drive users into Supontis and hold PON, the money generated will be invested across digital assets. The income will go to reward PON holders and traders, encouraging them to buy more coins. Thus, Supontis has an inflation model to keep PON in demand. Supontis presales at $0.0056 per token starting from July 18.

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