Carter Osborne Turns College Admission Essay into Six-Figure Hustle

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Carter Osborne Turns College Admission Essay into Six-Figure Hustle
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The 28-year-old man believes that others could join the side hustle and become successful.

In an interview with CNBC, Carter Osborne, a 28-year-old American resident, explained how he turned his writing expertise into a six-figure gig when he needed extra cash to fund his graduate school tuition fee.

According to him, after realizing his proficiency in writing could become a valuable asset to him in 2017, he set off to meet his mentor, who helped review his undergraduate personal statement before getting into Stanford University in 2013.

Guided by the wisdom of his mentor, Osborne soon launched his side hustle as an admissions consultant. The growing demand for his services soon propelled him forward. By 2021, his dedication had paid off, resulting in a remarkable $113,550 in earnings from a clientele of 40.

His client base was reduced to 33 the following year, but he still raked in $77,120 per year,  outstripping his full-time job. In total, he earned approximately $ 200,000 from the writing hustle.

From $50 Investment to House Owner in Seattle

When asked about the startup price, Osborne estimated he spent around $50 to create accounts on Zoom and Squarespace, where he held client meetings.

“The side hustle costs almost nothing to start. Osborne, who works with clients remotely, estimated he spent $50 to create Zoom and Squarespace accounts. The extra cash is helpful,” Osborne told CNBC.

According to him, the $50 investment helped him become a homeowner in Seattle, Washington, where he lives with his girlfriend.

Despite the success, his journey hasn’t been without its challenges. During the intense high school application deadline from October to December, Osborne juggles a demanding 70-hour workweek, effectively managing his side hustle and full-time job.

While stressing about the job challenges, he noted that friends have come to anticipate his temporary absence from social gatherings during the peak period.

“There’s just no getting around it. When we get down to deadlines, you’ve got to push. I often say to my friends, ‘Hey, I will see you in January,” he said.

Osborne Believes His Work Is Replicable

The 28-year-old man believes that others could join the side hustle and become successful. However, he advised that to reap the benefits of the gig, one must be fully up-to-date with admission trends to write the essays.

“You have to know what’s changing in the world of college admissions. This year has been crazy, considering the Supreme Court decision [overturned affirmative action], and schools are talking about legacy admissions.”

He further stated that being part of the admissions and counseling is different from writing the essays and applying for admission, noting that “it takes knowledge of the specific ways admissions readers will approach these essays, and how schools look at things today versus ten years ago.”

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