How CertiK-audited Grimace Coin Bridges Humour, Charity and Metaverse

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How CertiK-audited Grimace Coin Bridges Humour, Charity and Metaverse
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Grimace Coin will be leveraging NFTs in conjunction with a P2E ecosystem that will benefit the Grimace members.

Musk said on Twitter in January 2022, that he would cheerfully eat his way through a Happy Meal at the fast-food chain, if McDonald’s started accepting Dogecoin as payment.  To this end, McDonald’s said on Twitter that it would take Dogecoin if Tesla began accepting “Grimace Coin.” Well, the “Grimace Coin” is not a genuine cryptocurrency, but rather an invented moniker inspired by Grimace, a cartoon character who appeared in McDonald’s advertisements.

In the aftermath of this discussion, Grimace Coin emerged as a cryptocurrency proposal that is associated with the iconic McDonald’s figure and icon “Grimace” in a matter of hours. This initiative intends to foster a collaborative engagement between multi-billion-dollar enterprises with worldwide reach, therefore furthering the growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies. Moving forward, the initiative establishes a link to a video-characterized sign that is instantly recognizable all around the globe, gaining this way a pre-existent notoriety.

Owing to the Memecoin phrenesia, altcoins built on the Binance smart Chain have seen triple-digit growth. While most of these projects have no foundation and leave the scene as quickly as they enter, there are also some initiatives that want to make their mark in the blockchain realm. As time passed, we have observed developers taking advantage of individuals with dazzling gimmicks on several occasions, and with that in mind, Grimace Coin was established with the purpose of fulfilling what is stated and promised.

Grimace, a close friend of Ronald McDonald and a long-time icon, has made a return appearance a few days ago in a McDonald’s commercial during the Super Bowl. Grimace may have been absent for a while, but he is still the same Grimace we are all familiar with.

Leveraging Blockchain Innovation

Although the project was launched less than a month ago, only a few hours after Musk’s tweet on January 25th, Grimace Coin has already accomplished a slew of notable goals.  The cryptocurrency established on the Binance Smart Chain in a matter of hours saw its value jump by 6,000 % after discussions between Musk and the fast-food chain on Twitter.

While there have been various efforts in the previous few years to establish an enhanced and high-throughput smart contract-enabled blockchain, none has been able to gather as much momentum as BSC has in such a short period of time. BSC supports smart contracts and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). BSC’s dual-chain design enables its users to develop Decentralized Applications (DApps) and digital assets on one blockchain and swap them on another utilizing the blockchain’s high-speed trading capabilities, as its transaction time is around 3 seconds.

Fostering a United & Diverse Community

It makes no difference how great a blockchain program is or how revolutionary the concept behind it is; without the aid of a committed group of individuals, its full effect will never be realized. Thus, Grimace Coin aspires to build a massive community of supporters through various channels, including Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and YouTube.

Grimace Coin is more than just a meme project that will fade away as the trends go, since it also adheres to a higher purpose and brings back to the community. Hence, this is why they chose to provide McDonald’s meals for free to the poor.

Grimace NFTs

One major milestone achieved by Grimace Coin was selling 1000 NFTs in 7 hours and 20 minutes for 0.3 BNB per piece. Overall, these colourful NFTs have over 50 unique traits, enhancing the diversity of the entire initiative. Besides, holders of NFTs got 10% of the money earned throughout the minting process in BNB. Furthermore, the Ronald McDonald House Charities will get a percentage of the minting revenues equal to 20% of the total.

Building a Safe Virtual Realm

While the project emerged in the aftermath of a proper momentum, Grimace Coin is committed to building a long-term ecosystem, notwithstanding the current fads and trends in the blockchain community.  Furthermore, the decentralized community is encouraging and embracing long-term development of the ecosystem and foundation in order to accelerate the creation of real-world applications and use cases.

For seamless community development, as well as for swift security initiatives, these imply complete openness at all levels of governance. Grimace Coin will be audited, and the LP tokens have been locked up. To testify the reliability and security of the project, CertiK’s audit is currently under process. This is one of the most respected audit companies, thus its tests will certify whether the code employed by Grimace Coin is secure, to guarantee that there will be no rug pulling at this establishment.

Future Initiatives of Grimace Coin

These achievements represent only the start of the ambitious plans that Grimace Coin has in place for the future. The initiative aims to extend the barriers of the blockchain and enter the metaverse. If properly implemented, the metaverse can bring people from all over the globe together in a single (virtual) region in previously unreachable or prohibitively costly ways.

Moving forward, Grimace Coin will be leveraging NFTs in conjunction with a P2E ecosystem that will benefit the Grimace members. The concept is straightforward, as those who participate in the game will be rewarded with cryptocurrency. Every NFT holder will get a free automobile to use in the game, which they can then resell to other players in the marketplace. Acknowledging their community’s contribution, holders of Grimace NFTs will be granted exclusive access to VIP sections in the game.

Are you willing to embark on Grimace Coin’s journey?

Grimace Coin can be found at CoinMarketCap.

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