Chain2020 Hong Kong Blockchain Event Prepares for Over 10,000 Participants

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Chain2020 Hong Kong Blockchain Event Prepares for Over 10,000 Participants
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One of the largest gatherings of tech and blockchain enthusiasts will be in Hong Kong for one of the biggest education-based conferences to be held this year.

An estimated 10,000 people from around the globe with interest in decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain and other tech related services will converge on January 15, 2020, rubbing shoulders with seasoned professionals and experts in the field during the Hong Kong Chain2020 event.

Chain2020 is a series of educational events seeking to spearhead the promotion of blockchain technology in Asian regions. The event is organized as a key driver in creating a floodgate for security-related provision, transformation and adoption of the technology in a competitive landscape with rapidly increasing customer expectations.

Some of the biggest players within the blockchain circle will grace the event as keynote speakers, highlighting important issues relevant to the exponential growth and adoption of the technology. Regarding to this, the conference is tailor-made for educational purposes benefiting not only a select few but for professionals, upcoming entrepreneurs, and all interested entities from every work ladder.

Over 35 acclaimed and branded keynote speakers with a rich background in fintech and blockchain will present their expert views on some of the highly debated and gray areas of cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and decentralized finance. The speakers attending Chain2020 conference at AsiaWorld-Expo exhibition center, Hong Kong will include:

  • Susan Oh. One of the pioneering women in blockchain decorated with The Quantum Impact Award in partnership with the UN General Assembly.
  • Zoran Djikanovic. The PhD Professor of Economics at UDG is associated with several pieces of research and publications on regulation and market infrastructure development.
  • Richard Chen. A highly sought after technologist, instrumental in the development of several applications based on blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data and much more.
  • Dinis Guarda. One of the most respected influencer in fintech and blockchain, Dinis has made a name as a renowned serial entrepreneur,  academic, writer and leader in innovative technology.
  • Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof. The award-winning and acclaimed writer is notable for her work as an entrepreneur and activist.
  • Henri Arslanian. PwC Global Crypto Leader and Asia FinTech Leader, Chairman of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong. Henri is  an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong where he teaches the first fintech university course in Asia.
  • Sophia, Hanson Robotics. The latest version of this human-like robot is created by combining innovations in science, engineering and artistry. Sophia is part of the Loving AI project that seeks to find out how robots can adapt to users’ needs via intra and interpersonal development.

Blockchain in the Asian Region

Blockchain has captured the imagination and attention of influential institutions and even the ordinary individual with its decentralized solutions. The technology is a secure, transparent, and immutable technology that completely eliminates the need for a middle-man or financial intermediaries. These underlying advantages are making it a trusted solution for various purposes, and as such, are becoming an increasingly popular go-to-option for several firms and industries.

Asian regions are no doubt on the top tier of countries with open doors towards implementing the new technology and even introducing crypto-friendly regulatory frameworks to better accommodate the technology.

Chain2020 will optimize these opportunities to increase awareness and improve mass adoption of blockchain in the Asian region. The Chain2020 event is also positioning itself as a bridge for influential partnerships that will usher in disruptive transformation as global investment gears toward cybersecurity and Artificial intelligence.

Don’t forget to visit Chain2020 Facebook and Telegram. Learn more about Chain 2020 here.

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