Chainwire Partners with MarketAcross to Streamline Automated Press Release Distribution Services

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Chainwire Partners with MarketAcross to Streamline Automated Press Release Distribution Services
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As a result of the partnership with MarketAcross, Chainwire customers will have a wide range of packages to access based on their budget.

The Chainwire organization dubbed a one-stop-shop for cryptocurrency and blockchain-related news has partnered with MarketAcross, a leading blockchain press release and marketing firm to further streamline automated press release distribution services.

According to the press release sent out to different publishers, Chainwire aims to address a major gap in the blockchain industry where there has been a lapse in connecting the complex blockchain industry with relevant readers. The notable growth in the blockchain industry has happened in a short period, making it difficult for most people to follow and fully understand each and every project.

The lapse can be attributed to the lack of a proper channel to link up publishers with the right information consistently. Furthermore, mixed information has led to a significant portion of investors lost on what project to put their capital into.

Chainwire and MarketAcross

Chainwire identified the gap and developed a system that will allow a seamless flow of press releases.

As a result, Chainwire customers will have a wide range of packages to access according to their budget. Notably, there will be a guaranteed coverage of a minimum of 10 publications meant for the most basic package.

The next package will be the standard, which will offer the users more customer support and coverage. The other package is the premium one that has not yet been launched, which will include translations to different languages and covered in over 300 fintech websites.

Hereby giving the user a wide range of choices to pick from and maximize their budget and need accordingly. Users can also choose from a wide variety which publishers to use, hence giving them full control of their press release.

Chainwire system will be integrated with publishers and blogs to enable accurate reporting through a friendly dashboard. In addition, users can access a full report of the press release distribution hence offering a reliable system.

The system is not only for the press release automation but also for new publishers who wish to make passive income. Publishers with organic and reliable metrics will have a better chance of making more cash through the Chainwire system.

This is a huge step towards blockchain interoperability as more people can access different project’s press releases at convenient languages and convenient websites. With Chainwire launched through the MarketAcross system, users will be guaranteed of a network with over six years in operation. Furthermore, MarketAcross has in the past worked with over 150 notable global clients including Binance, TRON, Huobi and Polkadot.

MarketAcross has been helping its clients build a strong foundation and platforms among other stuff competitors.

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