Global Exclusive – First Charitable Crypto Foundation Save Ukraine DAO Interview

March 2nd, 2022 at 3:45 pm UTC · 9 min read

In today’s interview, we have invited Carla, the rotation person in charge of the First Charitable Crypto Foundation Save Ukraine DAO, to share with us the story behind the establishment of the Save Ukraine DAO and the introduction of the project. Let Carla to give us a brief basic introduction for Carla.

Global Exclusive - First Charitable Crypto Foundation Save Ukraine DAO Interview

Carla: Thank you host. Hello, I’m Carla, the rotation person in charge of Save Ukraine DAO, and it’s a great honor to be a guest (organizer) to introduce to you all about the Save Ukraine DAO.

The local conflict in Russia and Ukraine is hurting the Ukrainian economy and affecting people’s lives. The refugees affected by this incident are the ones who need help. As we all know, Ukraine is a cryptocurrency-friendly country and Ukraine plans to open the cryptocurrency market to businesses and investors by 2022. Therefore, Save Ukraine DAO hopes to use the power of cryptocurrencies to help the affected ordinary Ukrainian people through this crisis.

Interviewer: Thank you Carla for your introduction. So let me ask you a few questions on behalf of the audience. Carla, why did you think of doing this project, and what was the purpose of the project?

Carla: Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, and the Ukrainian people were being dragged into a war crisis. The crypto communities around the world want to help the citizens of Ukraine to get out of this mess. After Russia invaded Ukraine, many cryptocurrency users took the initiative to raise funds to support the Ukrainian people through non-profitable organizations to support this troubled country. Under this circumstance, we set up a decentralized autonomous organization, Save Ukraine DAO, so-called DAOs, with an objective to help those affected by the local military conflicts in UKraine.

Interviewer: Vitalik Buterin, CZ Zhao Changpeng and even Ukrainian officers are also donating, what is the advantage of Save Ukraine DAO in comparison? Why would more caring anonymous people choose Save Ukraine DAO as a channel to donate?

Carla: First of all, Save Ukraine DAO is a veritable the first charitable crypto foundation that was established before any of the projects you mentioned above. Even before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we foresaw that this crisis would not be simple, that was why we started the foundation work of the Save Ukraine DAO as soon as we could.

Secondly, our foundation has only one purpose, that is, to help the survival of Ukrainian refugees and reconstruction of the country. We oppose war and we want peace, so we will not provide military assistance like any country, nor will we become a pawn in the game of great powers, where the wars will never end, and more and more refugees will suffer. We would not donate for weapons, we only focus on humanitarian relief.

Global Exclusive - First Charitable Crypto Foundation Save Ukraine DAO Interview

Finally, here is our form of DAO, unlike others donation channels that have emerged lately, Save Ukraine DAO will be a long-term operating organization, not just in wartime. We focus on post-disaster reconstruction, when Ukrainian children will be able to return to school, providing further aids on the physical and mental health of refugees after the disaster, not just a “donation”.

The mechanism of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) makes more global collaborations possible, and to connect people around the globe easily. The scope of the DAO, which was initially focused on DeFi project governance, has now expanded to multiple areas, in line with the trend that everything can be DAO. DAO is used in many scenarios, such as investment, charity and so on. The owners of the DAO are not founders and investors of the organization, but rather the people who create value for it. The ownership, power, and control are spread across the community, and everyone has a say and influence, subverting the idea that one person or one entity that”owns” an organization.

Save Ukraine DAO was established in such a way that no celebrities would donate hundreds or tens of millions of dollars at a time, but through the donations of each crypto user bit by bit, they would converge into a sea of love. Save Ukraine DAO is the first charitable fund relief organization that truly understands the spirit of blockchain and is truly full of DAO spirit, it is a powerful force composed of thousands of individuals. In order to thank everyone who cares, Save Ukraine DAO has designed the UKR economic model to reward everyone who is willing to give love, and the caring person should be treated kindly in return. We believe that by operating with care and love, UKR will bring unexpected surprises to every donor at this time.

Global Exclusive - First Charitable Crypto Foundation Save Ukraine DAO Interview

Interviewer: This is truly a cross-era project, meaningful, and you are the only ones! Can you talk to us about what the development plan of the project is?

Carla: The project is currently raising the funds and issuing UKR tokens in the form of donations, with a total amount of $600 million. After the funds have been raised, the funds are handed over to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society and relevant charities and NGOs, the relevant supporting documents are publicized to the community, and a large number of live pictures of the scenes are to be collected and made into NFTs. After that, the UKR token plans to be listed in various decentralized exchanges and centralized exchanges. We will then establish a UKR foundation, launching the UKR NFT trading market together with the transaction mining project, and a series of programs such as staking of UKR token to earn dividend income.

Interviewer: Just now you specifically mentioned on the economic model used to reward everyone who is willing to give love and care, can you tell you a little bit about it?

Carla: Beside helping the Ukrainian people during the current war crisis, the design of the Save Ukraine DAO Economic Model is such that to bring some rewards to donors as well. Save Ukraine DAO’s token name is UKR and issued on Ethereum, Polygon and BSC chains. Each donor, in return, will receive a certain share percentage of the governance token UKR. All UKRs will be minted to donors. The ratio of funds donated by users (equivalent to USDT) to UKR circulation is 1:10, that is, for every 1 USDT asset donated by users, 10 UKRs are issued.

What is the purpose of the donated funds by the public? What is your donation percentage to Ukraine?

Carla: Of all the funds donated by users, 50% of the funds will be donated to Ukraine to help the Ukrainian people cope with the impact of this local military conflicts, 25% will be used to add liquidity and market value maintenance and management, and 25% will be permanently placed in the donated pot and the private key will be destroyed, the user can redeem it at any time, thus ensuring that the UKR will always have a reserve price. The UKR returned by the user redemption will be permanently destroyed, creating a deflationary economic model.

Interviewer: So what are the future usage applications for UKR? How do you empower UKR?

Carla: The usage scenarios of UKR tokens include meme assets with charitable attributes, NFT assets that will be airdropped for UKR holders in the local military conflict in Ukraine, serving as the base token of NFT assets; staking of UKR to receive dividends income from all transaction fees in the UKRNFT trading market; as a base token for liquidity mining in UKR Swap; and gas tokens for UKR public chains. At the same time, all the NFT funds sold on Opensea will be used to buy back and destroy UKRs; more application scenarios will be expanded in the future.

Interviewer: The economic model looks good, can you explain why should people be donating to you, and why are they donating through you?

Carla: The donation is entirely up to the user’s own wishes, after the donation you can help Ukraine cope with the impact of the war, and you can get UKR tokens according to the amount of the donation, upon the donation you will receive 50% of the tokens upfront, after the donation you can receive the remaining 50% of the tokens. As for how much value UKR will be in the future, it’s entirely up to the community, and no one can decide on it.

Interviewer: Do you have the official Ukrainian support?

Carla: We are a DAO organization, and we do not have the official support of Ukraine at the moment, but we are trying to contact and cooperate with relevant Ukrainian NGOs and charities, and we also hope that through the power of the community, we can really help Ukraine. Again: Save Ukraine DAO has always remained neutral in the local conflict, does not represent any political position, and the project was originally established for humanitarian peace assistance. Only non-governmental organizations and private charities will be funded to help the affected ordinary people.

Interviewer: At the end of the interview, is there anything you would like to say to everybody?

Carla: Crypto world, and the crypto community have always been a global platform for all. Our position is to act like the Red Cross Society in the crypto circle. As SBF posted on social media in his views on the situation in Ukraine and the cryptocurrency market: “No one can predict the future, but we can do something good for the world”. Save Ukraine DAO aims to use the power of community and the power of crypto to help the Ukrainian people affected by this local military conflicts in Ukraine.

Interviewer: Okay, that’s a very fruitful sharing today, thanks to Carla for her patience and answers, with that we now know more about Save Ukraine DAO being a crypto project with a great mission. I can’t wait to participate in the save Ukraine DAO donation, if you are like me, you can log on to the and link BSC, Polygon, ETH wallet to donate, let us look forward to the miracle that this charitable crypto foundation will bring to everyone.

Carla: Thank you. I hope that everyone can stand by us, let’s join and participate in the history making moment, and create miracles together!

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