ChartEx Launches Price Alerts, Whale Alerts, and WalletTrade Alerts

December 5th, 2020 at 7:04 pm UTC · 3 min read

ChartEx Launches Price Alerts, Whale Alerts, and WalletTrade Alerts

Photo: ChartEx

ChartEx will launch on Wednesday, December 9, 2020, new exciting beta features in the form of new Telegram bots, including Price Alerts, Whale Alerts, and WalletTrade Alerts. These products will be free of charge for a limited time to users holding a certain amount of the tools native $CHART tokens.

These features give users unique insights into the booming cryptocurrency markets. Price Alerts allow you to know when big moves are happening in crypto price in real-time, empowering you to make the timely trades necessary to profit in such a quickly moving and volatile market as crypto.

ChartEx Launches Price Alerts, Whale Alerts, and WalletTrade Alerts

Whale Alerts notify you when a  so-called “crypto whale” – that is, an individual or entity with enough cryptocurrency to move markets – initiates a large buy or sell.

ChartEx Launches Price Alerts, Whale Alerts, and WalletTrade Alerts

Additionally, Wallet Trade Alerts allow you to monitor certain wallets for transactions.  For instance, if you’ve identified a  trader of interest, you can then tag their address and get notified of all trades they make.

ChartEx Launches Price Alerts, Whale Alerts, and WalletTrade Alerts

In order to take advantage of these features, simply pair your ChartEx account with your Telegram account. ChartEx offers four account levels from “Basic” to “Expert.”  3000 Chart allows access to Price Alerts, 4000 Chart (plus a subscription when it comes out of beta test) to access Whale Alerts and Wallet Trade Alerts.

The company’s founder said:

“This is a big turning point for not only ChartEx, but the decentralized trading industry as a whole. These new features make the company’s previously released products and services,  such as full candlestick charting for markets on Uniswap, even more powerful than before. As the decentralized exchange markets continue to grow, the tools and analytics will need to become more sophisticated, and ChartEx is dedicated to serving our more than 18,000 unique users daily, and the way to do this is to continue building out the tools the ecosystem demands.”

ChartEx securely connects to your wallet of choice for trustless user accounts without any personal information, and with new features like Whale Alerts, Price Alerts, and Wallet Trade alerts, the time has never been better to sign up today.

About ChartEx

ChartEx provides tools, analytics, and full candlestick charting for Uniswap trading pairs. Since the platform became publicly available its visitor count has grown exponentially with more than 18,000 daily users. ChartEx is fueled by the record-breaking adoption of Uniswap, driven by its ambitious founder and carried by its loving community. Founded in 2019, ChartEx began as a bot service on Discord. For a small group of traders, it provided pricing information, charts, and token related alerts by using simple commands.  ChartEx provides a robust product offering and addresses critical charting needs specific to the DEX trading community.

Feel free to join ChartEx’s groups in social media: Twitter, Discord, Telegram Group, and Telegram Announcements Channel.