In China TerraMiner Builds a Farm on New Miners Innosilicon A4+ ASIC

September 22nd, 2017 at 7:26 am UTC · 5 min read

To achieve such computing opportunities we will use the A4+ chips unavailable for purchasing by ordinary miners. They are supplied only by large lots and to order. Thus, having become one of our investors you receive workers whose power will be equivalent to the received tokens. Besides, you will finally have a chance to get rid of the bulky equipment in your house farm and all risks related to its operation. In this review we will tell in detail  about the project so that you could decide whether it’s worth participate in or not.

About the project

The TerraMiner opens up an opportunity for everyone to mine cryptocurrency without leaving the house. TRM tokens are an excellent solution for those who are tired to work for the socket and to have discomfort from the mining in house conditions. With TerraMiner you will be able to pass from miners to cryptoinvestors and to get stable profit without any need to have the bulky equipment at home and furthermore to constantly look after it.

We are convinced that now only farms settled down in close proximity to the equipment suppliers and in territories with the cheapest electric power will be able to create the sufficient potential for high profitability. For this reason we plan to build the large-scale cryptocurrency farm based on the Scrypt algorithm in China, where one kw/hour costs only $0.05. Total capacity of the farm in end of all ICO stages will be 3 Th/s.

The mining equipment will be founded on  A4+ chips which together with PCI-E boards will give 4.0Mh/s power instead of standard 1.6Mh/s everyone will use. As the cooling system we will apply oil one. Unlike traditional air cooling it allows to cool an accelerated miner that yields results 60-80% higher. Production, assembly and testing of the equipment will be carried out with the help of our Chinese partners – the INNOSILICON and J$W companies.

According to the plan, 20% capacity of the farm will be launched in November, 2017. Another 70% will be ready for launch in December, 2017 and in the same time an release on the exchange is planned. The rest of capacities will be linked up for work in January, 2018.

Why to choose this ICO for investing in?

The cryptocurrency farm creation is not a new project for us. Right now we have our own Altcoins farm which rate grows monthly. In the TerraMiner we took into consideration both positive and negative past experience. For this reason all technological capacities of the TerraMiner will settle down in the territory of China in Shaoguan city, free economic zone. Such farm location will allow to cut down all maintenance expenses as much as possible, to make repair fast and replacement of all equipment components.

Here some of the most legitimate reasons why you should join the TerraMiner:

  • TerraMiner tokens will be produced with a real equipment. Everyone will be provided with amount of workers with capacity equivalent to the tokens acquired;
  • Use of the Scrypt algorithm will give us the fastest payback;
  • You will daily make profit and have an opportunity to trace it in the non-stop mode;
  • Short payback period: in comparison with house mining – three times faster, and with cloud mining – twice;
  • We take care of all expenses on the equipment maintenance and the electric power;
  • Lack of inflation. After the end of ICO and POST-ICO tokens won’t be re-issued;
  • Payment of the first dividends in 3 months;
  • For the entire period of the campaign the token cost will grow by 300%;
  • You can visit the TerraMiner farm personally in October, 2017 for monitoring the construction process.

ICO details

Tokens release will start on September 1, 2017, total amount planned to release is 3 024 000 TRM:

  • Pre-ICO – 504 000 tokens will be released. The price of each one will be $2.8. Start date – September 1, 2017, end date – October 1, 2017.
  • ICO – 2 320 000 tokens will be released. The price of each one will be $5. Start date – October 1, 2017, end date – November 1, 2017.
  • POST-ICO – 200 000 tokens will be released. The price of each one will be $8.4. Start date – November 1, 2017, end date – December 1, 2017.

ICO bonuses are as follows:

  • Pre-ICO  – profit up to 35% per month;
  • ICO – profit up to 20% per month;
  • POST-ICO – profit up to 12% per month.

Monthly profit from one TRM token purchased taking into account a current rate and complexity – $1. The  payment of dividends will start in 3 months after ICO launch. TRM tokens will be traded at the BITTREX exchange.

General tokens distribution:

  • 99% tokens are distributed between investors
  • 1 % tokens – on the bounty campaign maintenance

Tokens distribution for the bounty campaign:

  1. Facebook — 10%
  2. Twitter — 20%
  3. BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign — 25%
  4. BitcoinTalk Translation Campaign  —  10%
  5. Blogging Campaign  —  35%

About the team

The TerraMiner team includes the following members:

  • Pavel Kuznetsov – commercial director. Specialized on projects  development and management.
  • Ruslan Sharamet – equipment developer.
  • Koyda Igor (lead developer/programmer) – programmer and developer of engineering and computing systems.
  • Evgeny Hashin (Smart-Contract Advisor) – responsible for the smart contract development. The certified databases specialist

Projects pros and cons:



  • Short payback period
  • The farm and supply are nearby to each other
  • Customs risks are excluded
  • The company team has experience of a similar project launch
  • Simplicity for investment. Clear business model
  • Remote production. The farm is long distance away from investors


More information:

Disclaimer: TerraMiner is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.