Chinese Mining Company SFARDS to Release Its Debut Miner in April

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Chinese Mining Company SFARDS to Release Its Debut Miner in April
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SFARDS, reorganized Gridseed company, preparing to release its multi-algorithm 28nm ASIC miner by April 2015.

Cryptocurrency mining company SFARDS (formerly Gridseed) is going to release its debut ASIC miner by April 2015. Tape out of the company’s 28nm SF3301 ASIC is currently underway.

The SF3301 will be the next generation of dual-algorithm mining chips, the world’s first 28nm with the capability to mine SHA-256 and Scrypt simultaneously. The advantages of this ability translate to an extended period of effectiveness for the miner and increased profitability.

“We are pleased to announce the completion of the tape-out of our new dual-algorithm ASIC and look forward to the announcement of our debut product soon,” said company’s representative in an interview to Coinspeaker. “Dual-algorithm technology at this level will be a refreshing step towards a longer shelf-life for hardware and increased adaptability to price fluctuations.”

The company’s team found success in the creation of the world’s first dual-algorithm ASIC chip under the Gridseed brand. Building on prior experience and harnessing a leap in technology, the next generation brings enhanced power reduction and increased hashrate.

By using FDSOI technology not currently present in any other chip on the market, the power efficiency when mining with SHA-256 is predicted to reach below the range of 0.3 J/GH, and below 2.0 J/MH when mining with Scrypt.

The SF3301 is extremely versatile, allowing to mine multiple currencies with one device. This ability is something never seen before with 28nm technology.

This means price fluctuations can be harnessed and being forced to turn off your miner is far less likely. A condition can arise where altcoins are utilized to cover electricity costs while bitcoin is continuously and simultaneously being mined.

Sfards is a Chinese cryptocurrency mining company, created from the merger between hardware developer Gridseed and mining management solution company WiiBox. Funded by the angel investor Li Xiao Lai. In addition, it has financial backing from the tier-one international VC firm Matrix Partners.

Sfards’ primary focus and experience lies in ASIC Research, Miner Development, Data Center Management, and Cloud Services.

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