Chronoswiss: Swiss-made Blockchain Watches to Remain Timeless

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Chronoswiss: Swiss-made Blockchain Watches to Remain Timeless
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Tech Bureau Europe together with Chronoswiss will build a shop of Chronoswiss-exclusive branded watches with their certificates immortalized on the blockchain.

Tech Bureau Holdings is a cryptocurrency and fintech company originated in Japan, with subsidiaries in the U.S. and Europe, which develops software and services for blockchain technology. Having partnered with Chronoswiss, Tech Bureau Europe has successfully crafted five different luxury watch designs themed by cryptocurrencies.

Both Swiss-based companies are now coming together to build a shop of Chronoswiss-exclusive branded watches with their certificates immortalized on the blockchain.

The shop will contain only 5 limited editions of the Chronoswiss exclusive series, with each having a certificate tied to any of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zaif, NEM, or COMSA, whose digital signatures will be stored on the blockchain. The aim is to provide a secure and immutable information about the watches on the blockchain.

Only 101 watches will be produced according to the highest Chronoswiss standards, with each having a specific crypto-theme attached to them. The CEO of Chronoswiss, Oliver Ebstein, said:

“With this homage to cryptocurrencies, Chronoswiss is combining the roots of traditional watchmaking expertise with the digital revolution of the new global currencies. It is thus more than natural to be curious and open-minded about the future. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are the future, which Chronoswiss is also actively following and supporting. That is why we are proud to use blockchain as a marketing tool and a means of certifying our timepieces.”

Of the themes to be produced, Bitcoin would represent a cryptocurrency theme, while NEM, the harvest 1.5, Ethereum, the contract, Zaif, the exchange, and COMSA, the token. Each of the cryptocurrency costs approximately 1.5 BTC at the time of writing (USD 8,272.98).

The LuxTag WebApp built over the NEM blockchain will be used for the storage of the digital certificate data of the watches. The LuxTag platform has been chosen due to its proof of ownership and proof of origin signature which will both provide uniqueness and timeless worth down many generation lines.

Mathias Schmid, Tech Bureau Europe Ltd, stated:

“With Chronoswiss as our partner, we were able to successfully manifest our vision of five cryptocurrency-inspired luxury watches.”

Chronoswiss, with its headquarter based in Lucerne, Switzerland, had its origin from the height of the mechanical watch era back in 1983. At this time, many entrepreneurs and inventors poured in their expertise into the development of sapphire glass and this unique feature made Chronoswiss stand out among other mechanical watchmakers, and also boosted the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Now, Chronoswiss is more concerned about tailoring its production line to remodeling the Regulator – the most successful of its product line. The exclusive mechanical timepieces are exported to over 26 countries and can be purchased in more than 150 selected watch retailers across the world.

Tech Bureau Holdings has established subsidiaries in the USA and in Switzerland. They offer both software and services for Blockchain-based enterprises. The Swiss subsidiary refers to Tech Bureau Europe SA and provides consultancy, expertise, and solutions.

Tech Bureau Holdings has started Mijin v.2 in an open-source-project, whereby Mijin can be tested gratuitously for 30 days as a private Blockchain over Microsoft Azure. Additionally, the Tech Bureau is coming up with (COMSA), a one-stop-solution to conduct developers’ own ICOs.

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