Cindicator Announces Bitfin Capital and The Token Fund Have Participated in the Token Sale

August 24th, 2017 at 11:24 am UTC · 3 min read

BitFin Capital, а Cayman Islands domiciled hedge fund focused on the intersection of the emerging blockchain ecosystem and traditional economy, and the Token Fund, one of the first Coin Traded Funds (CTF) on the market, today announced a purchase of CND tokens from Cindicator Ltd (Gibraltar).

In addition to purchase of CND tokens, BitFin Capital and the Token Fund announced a partnership with Cindicator to deploy its technology in analytics and trading departments, as well as to gain an early access to the products and technologies for investment funds and traders.

“We are extremely impressed with the Cindicator team, technology, and accuracy of its crowdsourced predictive analytics products. In fact, we liked the product so much that in addition to becoming a client, we decided to purchase CND tokens ahead of the Token Sale. Cindicator has bright commercial future ahead”, said Dmitry Ufaev, Managing Partner of BitFin Capital.

“Watching the market of crypto currencies today we see that it is mostly irrational, strongly driven by psychology, and therefore highly volatile. Standard algorithms, like those borrowed from stock traders, simply don’t work here and we are in need of new solutions. In The Token Fund we believe that such solution lies on the intersection of a collective wisdom and AI, backed up with blockchain technology,” says Viktor Shpakovsky, Managing partner and Fund Manager, The Token Fund. “We see a big potential in Cindicator project and look into its implementation for The Token Fund’s internal analytics tools.”

About Cindicator

Founded in 2015, Cindicator is a fintech startup developing a decentralized, community-driven infrastructure that harnesses the value of collective and artificial intelligence. The startup creates Hybrid Intelligence that enables the right decisions on traditional and crypto-markets. In future, Hybrid Intelligence anticipates to be used in art, politics, sports, business, technologies, and science. The company has raised $500K in seed funding from private investors.

To learn more, visit the official website: and follow Cindicator’s social media channels on FacebookTwitter, Telegram and Medium.

About Bitfin Capital

BitFin Capital is a Cayman Islands domiciled hedge fund focused on the intersection of the emerging blockchain ecosystem and traditional economy. Started by experienced VC investors and Internet entrepreneurs, BitFin Capital strives to provide its Limited Partners with a superior return by targeting both short term and long term opportunities in the rapidly growing crypto finance sector. For more information, please, visit

About The Token Fund

Founded in March 2017, The Token Fund is one of the first Coin Traded Funds (CTF) on the market. CTF is a new form of a managed investment fund that fills its portfolio exclusively with tokens. The Token Fund holds a diverse and balanced portfolio of blockchain assets. Aiming to alleviate the risks of investing in a highly volatile crypto-market it enables the investors to profit from the growth of the blockchain ecosystem as a whole. For more information, please, visit


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