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CKarma – the Crypto-Inspired NFT Card Game that Combines “Play and Earn” with Spot Trading

May 20th, 2022 at 8:45 am UTC · 4 min read

CKarma is a newly launched play-and-earn video game based on unique NFT cards that allow players to earn crypto while enjoying the game. The NFT game cards are exchangeable on the blockchain, meaning players can collect, build, battle, and trade the cards for real-world currency.

NFT-Card Gameplay

In this virtual gaming world, a player purchases an NFT card which acts as a mutant animal in the land of Zaios. Furthermore, each mutant represents a cryptocurrency in the spot market, allowing the holder to learn the secrets of spot trading.

Aside from trading, each card will have special effects that will allow it to accumulate ‘attack points’ to win challenges. Players attack each other’s lives on the battlefield, and ultimately, one wins the game. Each player utilizes their card against their opponent, in which every card consists of different effects, attacks, spot price, category reference index, personal reference index, anti-vega on volatility, etc. Every single attack utilizes one actionable card. It goes on until one of both the players wins.

Players will also be able to purchase a mystery-pack that contains either a random card or a 5-card pack at a discounted price. In addition, there’s an option to purchase a unique potion for each pack in order to increase the likelihood of obtaining a more powerful card.

Play and Earn

The CKarma play-and-earn game emphasizes the entertainment value of playing the game. Unlike P2E games that people only play to earn money, CKarma’s focus will be on user experience and having fun. It is a fun investment on a video game made by players for gamers, where earning will only be a pleasant consequence, not the objective.

Here’s how CKarma rewards the community for participating in the ecosystem:

  • 50% of the royalties from OpenSea will be airdropped to NFT holders
  • Prize for winners of every battle in PVP-mode
  • Holders will receive $cKarma token rewards for staking their NFTs
  • Users who will not be able to mint a card will be entered into a random draw for a chance to receive $cKarma tokens to play the game
  • NFT holders will receive additional $cKarma tokens daily based on the crypto spot market trends

Tokenomics of CKarma

$cKarma token is the native currency of the CKarma gaming ecosystem, which players can earn by playing the game. $cKarma token is also used to pay for transactions, purchase NFT-Cards, provide liquidity, and reward community members.

$cKarma is a deflationary token, meaning the circulating supply will gradually decrease, pushing the token’s value higher. This is enabled by a buy-back and burn system that allows the team to purchase $cKarma tokens and burn. All transaction fees are collected in a Treasury Vault for distribution as follows: 25% burned immediately, 15% distributed to kiosk owners, and 60% allocated to the Emergency Yield Pool. This is a USD reserve value ready-to-use to stabilize the token’s price by buying $cKarma in the open market for burning when selling pressure is high.

Phase 1 Minting Pre-Sale Date to Be Announced

CKarma will mint 15,000 NFT-Cards at 0.20 ETH each during the first phase of minting. Be the first in line to secure the freshly minted Divinity Mutants by joining the pre-sale whitelist on Discord. A total of 13,500 NFTs (90%) will be sold during the pre-sale, while the remaining 1500 NFTs (10%) will be sold in a public sale.

Each Divinity Mutant NFT will have different looks, unique skills and attributes, with many having supercharged capabilities. Securing one of these rare NFTs will give early adopters gameplay and earning advantages when the game launches.

To know more about the project and how to participate in the minting, join their Discord and Twitter.