Will Clever Token CLVA Reach Top 10 Market Cap in 2021?

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Will Clever Token CLVA Reach Top 10 Market Cap in 2021?
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CLVA minting began on February 1st, and within the first two weeks, over 1 million dollars worth of CLVA tokens have been minted.

One of the unique things that blockchain technology has achieved is innovating the archaic financial system. It has offered a unique architecture to build financial products that provide new features and brought about decentralized finance.

Decentralized finance has taken this a notch further by offering a way to provide permissionless services via smart contracts. Clever DeFi has emerged as a popular DeFi project in recent months due to its innovative system that provides users a better way to save their money.

Unlike the traditional banking system that offers little to no interest in savings. Clever DeFi offers much more using smart contracts that provide interest within a fixed cycle system. Different features have attracted many to the DeFi yield farming platform. Let’s learn a bit more about them.

Unique Smart Contracts

Clever DeFi is built on a unique smart contract that integrates a one-of-a-kind mechanism called Decentralized Distribution Mechanism (DDM). The mechanism is reliable, safe, and is immutable, i.e., it cannot be modified or changed once deployed.

The DDM is programmed to distribute interests once every 14 days for 888 cycles. The module will also deploy the payment at the same time within the Clever ecosystem. The entire interest system lasts for 888 cycles or 34 years.

Clever DeFi is an ideal option for you if you are looking for an excellent long-term interest yielding platform. There is a vast potential to earn massive interest if you can stick with the platform until the end.

No Conditions for Earning

Clever DeFi differs from other yield farming platforms as it offers a genuinely decentralized finance experience. You are not required to stake your tokens for a defined period or enter into any binding contracts.

CLVA tokens can be sold, swapped, and bought during the interest cycle periods without any penalties. This feature ensures that you are in complete control of your tokens, and the interests are automatically sent to users’ wallets.

Also, CLVA token holders can earn up to 307% interest in the first year of launch. This is more than any type of savings interest, stocks, and other traditional financial instruments.

Fair Minting Process

Clever DeFi offers a straightforward and fair minting process. The development team does not hold a single CLVA token prior to the minting period. This ensures that no one can control the price of the CLVA token by dumping tokens.

CLVA price is also open to free-market conditions, and the price is determined through the principle of supply and demand.

CLVA Minting: $1M+ Worth of Tokens in 2 Weeks

CLVA minting began on February 1st, and within the first two weeks, over 1 million dollars worth of CLVA tokens have been minted. This is massive and shows the type of belief that crypto investors have in the token.

The minting period that lasts for 30 days provides users with the possibility to get CLVA tokens at the best possible price. This, alongside the potentials of earning compound interests, could drive the rush for CLVA tokens.

Minting of CLVA Tokens

To mint, CLVA is a quite simple task. For doing that, you need to follow a short instruction provided below.

  • Install the MetaMask extension in your browser.
  • Visit the Clever Minting Portal.
  • Link your MetaMask wallet and insert the amount of CLVA that you want to get.
  • Find the button ‘’Mint Tokens’’ and click it.
  • After that, the tokens minted will be automatically and they will go directly to your MetaMask wallet.

Clever DeFi: Promising Future Ahead

CLEVER DEFI has plans to list CLVA on the UniSwap platform which is expected to happen after the minting period. After 14 days of being listed on Uniswap, CLVA will become available to users of such exchanges as P2PB2B, CoinsBit, and HotBit.

The DeFi protocol also hopes to list on HitBtc and Binance when the tokens win their positions in the crypto market.

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