Clip Finance Will Soon Launch Its One-Click Multichain DeFi Yield Optimization Protocol

September 7th, 2022 at 11:42 am UTC · 3 min read

Clip Finance Will Soon Launch Its One-Click Multichain DeFi Yield Optimization Protocol
Photo: Clip Finance

Clip Finance will bring a new approach to all DeFi enthusiasts looking to earn high yield through automation. As Clip has taken all the yield farming complexity to the back-end, users can simply deposit funds with a single click and let Clip’s unique Strategy Router do all the heavy lifting.

The addition of Clip Finance to the DeFi ecosystem will enable crypto-curious people to get started with earning yield in crypto and advanced users can maximize their yield farming efforts. Clip’s protocol will route deposited funds to multiple audited yield farming strategies. All strategies go through a thorough risk-scoring analysis and based on the risk score are either included or excluded from the Strategy Router.

Users can see those risk-scoring documents publicly, as Clip Finance considers transparency as one of its core pillars. In addition, the system constantly monitors the performance of these strategies and will rebalance and auto-compound all rewards on behalf of the users.

Furthermore, Clip users gain access to a detailed report on the current and historical capital allocation strategies, platform fees, risk scores, and a real-time overview of their earnings and how they compound.

Clip Finance maintains an extra layer of protection for its users. The protocol distributes a share of its revenue to the insurance and recovery funds. That latter addition is a unique aspect of retroactively distributing a portion of protocol revenue to users affected by theft, hacks, or exploits if the insurance fund does not have sufficient funds for full imbursement of losses.

On the security front, the Clip team relies on third-party audits, an insurance cover, and maintains a bug bounty program to reward coders who find potential bugs and flaws in the code.

When it comes to onboarding new users to DeFi, removing the otherwise steep learning curve will enable more people to explore yield farming in decentralized finance. Clip Finance offers an onboarding process for millions of onlookers who want to get everything sorted with one click, earn better yields, and spend less on transaction fees.

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About Clip Finance

Clip Finance is built by experienced entrepreneurs who’ve built successful businesses in the past. Having built companies that have attracted millions of users, the team knows how to build a simple and straightforward user experience, which is something that the crypto market is missing.

Clip Finance socials: MediumDiscord.

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