CNN Makes Its Own Aggregation Service to Compete with Apple News+

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CNN Makes Its Own Aggregation Service to Compete with Apple News+
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CNN’s NewsCo project seems like a direct competitor to Apple News and Apple News+, offering a mix of free advertising-based content and premium subscription content.

The AT&T-backed CNN is allegedly working to found its own news aggregation service that allegedly would be something similar as is Apple News and Apple News+.

The project dubbed “NewsCo” will compete with the already existing Facebook‘s and Apple’s domination by offering its consumers one more venue where they can get all possible information both local and global, together with its existing web and broadcast operations.

For now, twelve engineers and other executives are working on this project-to-be. CNN digital chief Andrew Morse confirmed that the company also already hired staff, especially for this project.

He said:

“In the same way that entertainment companies don’t want to cede ground to the streaming platforms, why should we cede the ground of journalism to the technology platforms.”

CNN will probably imitate the Apple News+ strategy (as of the many others for that matter) of mixing subscription-based new with free stories that will be financed by advertising. What makes this plan different from others is that CNN will not publish only its own original content, but the network is reportedly in talks with other similar networks regarding the adding of their stories to CNN’s platform.

This plan came as a result of a strategy created by tech companies who are every day becoming more and more involved in creating news for their consumers, recommending stories that might be of their interest, so readers don’t have to search out for publications by themselves. The same principle follows Facebook with its News tab that is expected to launch in the nearest future. News Corp, on the other hand, announced its own aggregator’s development earlier this year. Both companies plan to gather content for reader utilization in one place.

Snap, the company behind Snapchat, is allegedly also launching a news element in its app, and has already negotiated terms with some news companies. And let’s not forget a retailer giant Amazon that recently launched its own news aggregation app for Fire TV and tablets.

CNN could indeed have some troubles to have other publishers joining its platform, but, if we look at its competitors, it could happen that it easily could convince its rivals to sign up, (since in this field, almost noon likes technology companies).

On the other hand, big consumer network and the non-complexity for users to acquire news from platforms like Facebook or Apple News makes them attractive spots for readers.

In order to be recognized as original compared to the other platforms, the CNN effort will reportedly focus on being as politically neutral as possible, and offer more than just news-assembling. The network is thinking of producing exclusive content for the service, as well as using its own news archives to provide a backside story as well. Also, they said they’re planning to spread cooperation with local affiliates and news publishers.

As of the Apple News, service is obviously good enough for some publishers. In August, European publishers reported increases in their revenues from just being on the basic Apple News service.

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