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Place/Date: - April 24th, 2018 at 1:50 pm UTC · 4 min read
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Coineal has a dedicated team which composited with technical specialists, blockchain technology experts and digital currency investors from South Korea and China.

The team had been leading a number of blockchain projects to rapidly step into the South Korean and Chinese community. And also, helping the blockchain projects to grow the local community.

Coineal is committed to building a world-class blockchain asset trading platform, providing users with safe, professional and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange services.

Coineal provides a full liquidity for digital assets which would enable everyone to trade cryptocurrencies freely.

Our Competitiveness

Global business layout
Coineal has established operating centers based in South Korea and China. In the future, independent operations in Japan, Singapore, the United States, Russia and more other countries will be set up as well to build an integrated global business layout.

The technical team of Coineal has extensive experience in the digital asset industry. Coineal is built using a distributed architecture with high-quality risk control system and DDOS defense system.

Sufficient users bases
Coineal has accumulated a strong user bases in the early stage of development. For example, MT, the native token of the Chinese biggest cryptocurrency ticker app, will be listed on Coineal the moment it goes online. With our international investment advisor team, Coineal will soon be involved in larger business networks and partnership potentials.

High-quality user experiences
Covering mainstream currencies, Coineal platform will support iOS, Android, H5 and PC clients with a various choice of languages. A 7*2-hour customer service will be available.

High return on investment
Coineal will set up community nodes. Each node is able to have a native independent cryptocurrency exchange. To incentive these community exchanges, a bonus will be distributed each month (in NEAL) to award those who achieved a certain amount of workload.

Furthermore, a portion of Coineal’s profit will be distributed among the community, as a reward for nodes operating and managing the community exchange.

All about NEAL

Transaction fees: A transaction fee will be required for trading on the Coineal platform. Users who hold a certain amount of NEAL will enjoy a discount on the transaction fee.

1:1 token claim: NEAL holders will have the choice to claim various other cryptocurrencies. For example, MT (the native token of MyToken) will be listed on Coineal so users can use NEAL to 1:1 claim MT. Those repossessed NEAL will be burned immediately. As more cryptocurrencies are traded on Coineal, a lot more other cryptocurrencies can be claimed with NEAL.

Node selection: As Korean’s first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Coineal asks everyone in the community to operate it. Thus, we will select members from the community to join the governance committee and NEAL will be required both to voting and participate in the selection.

Cryptocurrency listing: Blockchain projects need to have NEAL to get their token listed. Voting and auditing mechanism, where NEAL is also required, will be applied before any new cryptocurrency being listed.

Although Coineal issued NEAL before releasing the product, NEAL will not start selling until the platform achieves a stable operation. Users can only obtain NEAL through a POW-like mechanism. Such design would enable the platform to grow steadily and ensure the best interests of the community members who have contributed to it.

Do not forget to claim your MT with NEAL! We will give away 16.88 million MTs and 40 million NEALs for free! The event will last 15 days. Whether you are registering, toping-up or trading, login, and creating content, you will be able to receive free NEAL —


1. Registration : NEAL will be sent to you the moment you registered on our platform. A unique referral  ID will be created for you to invite friends and earn invitation rewards!

2. Topup :118MT plus 8 NEAL will be given for free every 1,000MT deposited to your account and NEAL 1:1 claim MT up to 1,888 MT.

3. Trading :The top 2,000 purchases of MT who purchase more than 100,000 MT per day will be awarded 1,000 NEAL each. The top three will be given an additional of 100,000 MT each.

4. Login : Each person can exchange 66 NEAL with 66 MT per day. Each day the exchangeable MT will have a limited number of 300,000. Repossessed NEAL will be burned immediately.

5. Content Creation : And content relating to platform’s user’s guide and users experiences will be rewarded.

For questions and more details of the event, please see the Coineal Official Website and join the Coineal Telegram Group.

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