Coinplay to Launch Its Cryptocurrency-friendly Digital Game Store This Week

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by Zhanna Lyasota · 3 min read
Coinplay to Launch Its Cryptocurrency-friendly Digital Game Store This Week
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Coinplay, the Kansas City-based PC game store that accepts Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, is supposed to be relaunched this week.

Coinplay’s new online store is going to be launched on Friday, March 6th, 2015, and as said by the company’s co-founder and CEO Shane Park, using an in-house solution will greatly improve the experience for publishers, developers, and gamers, According to GamesBeat.

“A new site means we can start implementing game bundles, partner dashboards, and other features and tools that bring value to anyone who interacts with Coinplay,” said Mr Park. “The new website will be live for attendees to visit, our booth at the event will be showing game trailers of the games we sell, and I’m feeling good about our pitch,” he added.

One can’t use digital currency at Steam, the world’s largest digital game store, but Coinplay believes that in future digital currencies will fund the digital distribution of games.

According to Park, Coinplay sells Steam keys that gamers restore on Valve’s digital gaming platform. Coinplay is willing to try new things, including accepting digital currencies besides traditional payment methods.

“A few competitors started accepting Bitcoin in the past year or so, but we’ve been accepting Dogecoin from day one, and Bitcoin and Litecoin followed soon after,” he said. “In addition to accepting digital currency, we give developers the option to accept Bitcoin or U.S. dollars. Sparpweed, who sells [puzzle platformer] Ibb & Obb with us, accepts Bitcoin as their final payment.”

“Since we started, accepting digital currencies became more of a feature than a focus. The ecosystem we need to foster first is gamers and game developers. However, for myself and my team, we’re digital currency enthusiasts,” said Park, explaining that digital currencies still form a huge part of what Coinplay is offering as it moves forward, reducing on potentially costly banking fees for small developers in what is very much a global industry. “For our international developers, we believe Bitcoin is a great choice in reducing banking fees and tracking payments,” he added.

With the digital games market worth $11.8 billion in North America alone, there is potentially great reward for Coinplay since it is willing to innovate and experiment with new ways of paying.

Furthermore, Coinplay is one of 27 startups pitching to an estimated crowd of 1,000 local entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals at Kansas City’s largest startup showcase, BetaBlox Demo Day, on March 11. Coinplay has already spent six months in BetaBlox’s startup incubator, and the company is looking to take its digital business to the next level.

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