CoinsLoot Introducing Fun and Accessibility to Crypto

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by Steve Muchoki · 3 min read
CoinsLoot Introducing Fun and Accessibility to Crypto
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CoinsLoot trims through the fat, offering traders popular digital assets in its crypto loot boxes while bypassing the burden of choice.

Despite increased global attention, cryptocurrency trading often struggles to attract users who aren’t tech enthusiasts or professional traders. Regular users are often ostracized by the trading process due to its complexity and tediousness.

In order to address these barriers for entry, CoinsLoot set out to find a way to make cryptocurrency trading both fun and accessible for the general public. Now, by launching the world’s first cryptocurrency loot boxes, CoinsLoot is empowering everyone with the ability to get involved in crypto trading.

Making Crypto Fun

CoinsLoot’s innovative platform allows popular USDT, the ERC20 based currency, to be traded for cryptocurrency loot boxes. Much like the ‘loot boxes’ which are commonly found in successful video games, these function by allowing users to randomly obtain one of the prizes or assets contained within the box. CoinsLoot’s loot boxes contain many of the world’s most popular digital assets, alongside real-world prizes such as smartphones, gaming products, and even a Tesla Model X.

The gamification of crypto trading makes it more enjoyable and removes both stress and burden from the equation. Users are even presented with the opportunity to win highly-valued crypto and real-world prizes depending on their luck, potentially allowing users to turn a small investment into a significant payout.

Choice Paralysis

Today’s crypto trading landscape is home to a seemingly endless variety of digital assets. In fact, according to aggregate sites like Coinranking, there are currently over ten thousand digital assets available to choose from when trading. As such, it comes as no surprise that getting involved with crypto trading can feel like a needlessly-daunting process to the average user.

CoinsLoot trims through the fat, offering traders popular digital assets in its crypto loot boxes while bypassing the burden of choice. Further still, CoinsLoot uses a provably-fair algorithm to make sure users always find value in the loot boxes they open. Once users pay the opening fee, there is no losing on the platform as users will always get the invested funds back and potentially more. Once users have opened a box, they may choose to keep the rewards or try their luck on a second spin.

Introducing the LOOT Token

CoinsLoot is powered by its native LOOT Token, which operates through a decentralized platform. This makes it both largely immune to external pressures and highly transparent. Decentralized applications (DApps) offer a heightened level of trust and safety for consumers, reflecting CoinsLoot’s core values. Designed by a successful team of experts in the space and bolstered by its partnership with specialists at CoinCasso, CoinsLoot is bringing the world’s first crypto loot boxes to the global stage.

Through this innovative step towards global adoption, everyone can find entertainment and enjoyment in engaging with the rapidly-moving crypto landscape.

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