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CoinTR Launches EOS Staking Campaign Offering Up to 36.5% Annualized Return

December 20th, 2023 at 2:53 pm UTC · 3 min read

CoinTR Launches EOS Staking Campaign Offering Up to 36.5% Annualized Return
Photo: CoinTR

/CoinTR/ – On December 20, CoinTR, a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Istanbul, announced the launch of a limited-time campaign called EOS Staking.

The campaign is a financial product offered by CoinTR, involving the management of digital assets EOS. Users can earn higher interest by leveraging their idle assets, with the principal and interest distributed upon the conclusion of the lock-up period. The campaign features a 7-day fixed-term product, with the minimum participation threshold set at 10 EOS. Individual users can invest up to 1,000,000 EOS. The staking unlock period is 3 days, with returns distributed to the user’s spot account along with the principal upon redemption. The campaign is expected to consist of 8 phases, each lasting 7 days and allowing users to automatically reinvest in the next phase. The first subscription period is from December 26, 2023, 08:00, to December 29, 2023, 08:00 (UTC).

CoinTR leads the market with an APY of 36.5% in comparison to other EOS financial campaigns currently offered by other exchanges.

CoinTR Launches EOS Staking Campaign Offering Up to 36.5% Annualized Return

Recently, the blockchain gaming project Fusionist ($ACE) ignited the market’s IEO enthusiasm once again by launching on major exchange Launchpad platforms. It has been disclosed that CoinTR’s inaugural Launchpad project is also in the pipeline, and the first Launchpad project will be an EOS ecosystem project. The project team will sell tokens at a low price on the CoinTR platform, allowing users to participate in the token sale using USDT. Users can subscribe by drawing lots, and they can increase their chances of winning by inviting friends, staking EOS, and other methods. After the event concludes, token trading can be directly conducted after the opening.

In addition to conducting business cooperation in financial staking activities and Launchpad initiatives, CoinTR, last month, jointly established the Turkish Web3 Industry Lab with EOS Labs in Istanbul. They have formed deep connections in terms of Web3 ecosystem strategic cooperation. This collaboration aims to inject new vitality into the Turkish blockchain ecosystem by nurturing cutting-edge local blockchain projects. Simultaneously, it becomes a significant source of high-quality projects for the CoinTR Launchpad, providing local investors with more quality investment opportunities.

As a locally rooted exchange in Turkey, CoinTR’s vision is to create a blockchain-based, globally-oriented, secure, efficient, and leading digital financial infrastructure for Turkey. The goal is to use Turkey’s existing infrastructure to support digital assets, maintain the safety of national assets, and preserve the independence of national financial sovereignty. By attracting global digital assets into Turkey and integrating them into the real economy and financial sectors, it aims to promote economic development in Turkey.

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