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Crypto Exchange CoinTR Appoints New CEO and the Board Management Team from the Turkish Regulatory Department

October 26th, 2023 at 2:23 pm UTC · 3 min read

Crypto Exchange CoinTR Appoints New CEO and the Board Management Team from the Turkish Regulatory Department

Since 2020, news from Turkey has been relatively scarce in the industry. Finally, after a prolonged period of silence, a significant development has emerged.

On October 26, 2023, five senior officials from the financial regulatory agencies and the National Bank of Turkey officially joined the global digital asset exchange CoinTR.

Crypto Exchange CoinTR Appoints New CEO and the Board Management Team from the Turkish Regulatory Department

According to the official announcement from CoinTR, Şakir Ercan GÜL, the former Deputy Minister of Finance in Turkey, as well as the former Chairman of the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey, will assume the role of Chairman of the Board at CoinTR. During his tenure at the Ministry of Finance, Şakir Ercan GÜL has been committed to promoting legislative work related to cryptocurrency trading, which has to some extent accelerated the compliance process of cryptocurrency trading in Turkey.

Ali Eselioglu, former Deputy Executive Director of the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye, will serve as the CEO of CoinTR. It is reported that Ali Eselioglu just resigned from the position of executive director of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey a week ago. During his tenure at the Central Bank, he was primarily responsible for overseeing Turkey’s foreign exchange transactions, approving gold imports and exports, managing the national gold reserves and their transactions, as well as overseeing bond and bill transactions. With nearly 28 years of rich experience in traditional finance and banking, he also has a unique understanding and insight on Web3 and the digital economy. Ergun AKINCI, currently Chief Adviser to the Central Bank of Turkey, and Mehmet Emin KARAAGAC, former Deputy Governor of the Turkish National Bank (Vakiflar Bank) will serve as CoinTR Board Members. Yakup DEMİR, BDDK Senior Banking Former Chief Expert, Manager, Deputy Head of Department will serve as CoinTR’s Compliance Manager.

Ali Eselioglu emphasized the exchange’s commitment to providing secure and stable trading services, which are backed up by a team of core product technology and wallet security experts, including the former Vice President of Huobi Group David Liu, the former Head of Platform Development for Huobi Global, alongside individuals responsible for both backend and frontend development, as well as wallet development teams. In fact, 90% of the product technology team is sourced from the top three exchanges.

Türkiye, as one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency markets with over ten million users, plays a crucial role as a bridge between the Asian, European, and Middle Eastern cryptocurrency industries. However, ŞAKİR ERCAN GÜL, Chairman of the CoinTR board, also noted that despite Turkey’s position as one of the largest cryptocurrency markets globally, there is still a gap in the application of blockchain technology compared to countries like the United States and Singapore. In the past two years, the Turkish government has actively explored the application of blockchain technology and compliance development, providing a favorable environment for industry growth. We hope to collaborate with outstanding global industry partners to help more excellent enterprises and teams enter the Turkish market, jointly promoting the development of cryptocurrencies and the Web3 field in Turkey, creating new driving forces for economic growth in Turkey

CoinTR, as a compliant exchange in Turkey, boasts a top-tier technical team from the global Top 3 exchanges. On one hand, it offers secure and stable trading services to Turkish and global users while maintaining a cooperative stance for further development. The exchange hopes to collaborate with outstanding industry partners globally to accelerate the growth of the Turkish blockchain industry.

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