Coinzilla’s CEO: The Motivation Comes From My Team

Place/Date: - November 9th, 2018 at 6:00 am UTC · 4 min read
Source: Coinzilla

They are the first Crypto Advertising Agency on ICObench’s list, having carried out over 80 campaigns which promoted crypto projects.

Their services have been used by many businesses and projects from the cryptosphere. The CEO, Stefan, stated that Coinzilla has been involved in over 100 ICOs campaigns, more than 40 promotions for crypto-related businesses and have made earnings from over 500 crypto websites.

This type of company represents an important, engaging environment for the crypto community, enabling both advertisers and publishers to come into contact and communicate efficiently.

The company has dedicated its efforts to helping all members of the crypto community, providing their services to crypto endeavors and companies to reach their desired target audience. Stefan believes that the company’s prosperity depends on the wealth of their customers, and this belief guides how he runs his business.

Coinzilla was launched two years ago by two young and passionate IT students, Stefan and Alex. They anticipated what potential blockchain would present in the future, and that’s why they invested a lot of resources in this technology.

Alex, the co-Founder of Coinzilla Advertising Network, believes that blockchain can unlock many things and give people the freedom they need. He expressed his disapproval regarding the banning policies against crypto related ads and content which were implemented by big companies and media outlets. The co-founder suspects that these bans were made just because financial reasons were involved. They wanted to demonstrate that developing a niche advertising network is achievable, and can provide quality services that can rival the big companies from the industry.

Coinzilla now has employed 20 knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the digital advertising field. Whether it’s the designers that make the banners or the people responsible for human resources, all the staff is highly versed in digital advertising and marketing. Stefan added that they only collaborate with individuals that have expertise in the field, which have proven to produce successful results.

Since its inception, Coinzilla has become an experienced platform. They have encountered various situations that had to be solved in innovative ways. By imparting their experiences with each and every one of their customers, they helped them and their projects through difficult moments, making Coinzilla more than just a platform meant for advertising.

Stefan cites that his team’s encouragement is the force that drove them to an entire new level. As they will soon want to expand their services to new areas, they will be making new tools available, including Press Releases services, an affiliate program, and the new Coinzilla Academy.

Coinzilla Academy was conceived to be a provider of support to the entire crypto community by making available solutions and answers to difficult inquiries which can appear in the blockchain and crypto field. Because of this, they are recruiting the help of partners.

Coinzilla Academy is a broad project which aims to encompass the whole crypto community, making the sharing of experience and information more facile for the benefit of all of its users. An increase in education produces more customers, and that, in turn, leads to more profits.

Stefan said:

“We want to train as many people as possible. We want to answer as many questions as possible because I think we should give more credit to this future technology called blockchain.“

The platform will be seeing a lot of updates in the near future, that is for sure. Their development team intends on enhancing the user experience; thus, new tools will be introduced. With the beginning of October, new automated targeting mechanism for countries or devices will be implemented, as well as new capping alternatives and new indicators.

Alex continued:

“We will also introduce the native banner advertising, so this means that banners will take the placement body, to look more natural. We foresee that native advertising will boost the conversion rate with at least 35%. Also, we will include new payment methods, SEPA & SWIFT money transfers. Some users requested API’s, and because we love to help our users, there will be multiple API’s available, including for campaign design, optimization and stats. Now we are developing our white labeling service, and we hope that it will be available in November when we will celebrate two years of Coinzilla!”

It is impressive how a limited number of individuals impacted the industry. Coinzilla is just proof that sky’s the limit if you have an exceptional team behind you and an unwavering determination.

Stefan ended the interview by describing each day as a search for their mission, and that their drive arises from their team members and their purpose.