Composite Cylinders Advanced Produce New Type of Composite Cylinders for CNG, LPG

February 21st, 2018 at 6:37 pm UTC · 2 min read

The work carried out by many countries to reduce pollution emissions by industrial and transport activities aimed at reducing the use of the most harmful fuels, particularly by road.

Many foreign companies are developing to create containers (cylinders) for storing compressed natural gas (CNG) as the most effective motor fuel.

Technical requirements for such cylinders, includes a number of strict conditions, namely the parameters impermeability of the liner and power shell fire and explosion safety, weight, design parameters, adaptability to manufacture and, as a consequence, the acceptable economic parameters.

The implementation of the requirements determines the application of advanced chemical materials, in some cases, with specific properties, the use of which will provide production of cylinders for compressed natural gas.

According to available information, in this direction, positive results, meeting all technical requirements, is not achieved. Experts of the company Composite Cylinders Advanced carried out a complex of research works on design development of Type 4 composite cylinders with different sizes from 60 to 200 liters for use in road transport, petrol stations, stationary and mobile type.

CCA has finished research and made the choice of plastics for the manufacture of:

  1. the liner with a permeability not more than 0.25 ml/hr per 1 liter volume. There was developed technology and matched equipment for the manufacture and testing of the liner;
  2. the power shell design, ensuring explosion safety, as well as options of the high operating pressure of 200-300 bar and a pressure in the gap of 700 bar. These parameters are achieved by programmable winding power shell with correspondent thermal curing and adhesion with the polymer liner.

The process parameters tested on model samples and their proving. The next step is expected to create prototype of Type 4 composite cylinders and its certification in line with the standards ISO 11119-3, ISO 11439, ECE R110:2013 and ADR/RID:2013.

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