Group of Anonymous Bitcoiners CoroHope Starts Searches for Coronavirus Vaccine

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Group of Anonymous Bitcoiners CoroHope Starts Searches for Coronavirus Vaccine
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A group of anonymous Bitcoiners known as CoroHope has begun their search for a coronavirus vaccine. Although not authorized by the FDA, CoroHope is hopeful it might crack on the vaccine for the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Following the devastating effect of coronavirus on humankind, a group of anonymous Bitcoiners known as CoroHope has taken into their hands the development of a vaccine. The group is being funded by well-wishers, although no transaction has been made through the address provided.

According to the group, it has a biologist with ten years of experience working for them. However, there are no guarantees the group will be successful on the quest for a coronavirus vaccine. Putting into consideration huge biotech companies have not yet been able to comprehensively come up with a successful vaccine so far.

CoroHope is only trying to avoid the huge bureaucracy surrounded by the FDA, during approving a potential vaccine. With coronavirus spreading fast, any potential vaccine that will save the day will be very welcomed warmly. At the time of writing, over 120,000 people across the globe had been infected, in addition to over 4,000 deaths.

The adverse effect on the economy has hit most developed countries, and hard times yet to unfold if the governments continue taking the virus lightly. The CoroHope spokesperson said:

“Cryptocurrency is uniquely able to help with this problem because, like us, it’s outside the traditional system. The original backers are Bitcoiners, and we’d love to keep working with bitcoin and bitcoin developers on this problem. We need all the help we can get.”

Is CoroHope Quest for Coronavirus Vaccine Another Scam?

Although a legitimate call to develop a vaccine on the deadly virus, a lot of concerns are whether the group is out there anonymously scamming unsuspecting donors. According to a professor in bioethics Nancy E. Kass, there is no problem with anyone developing a vaccine as science is all about diversity.

However, she added:

“It would be harmful, problematic, confusing and misleading to start saying that they have an effective vaccine if that vaccine has not undergone proper safety testing and efficiency testing.”

In response to her comment, the CoroHope spokesperson said:

“We are not some televangelist hawking colloidal silver as a cure-all. Even if we have thousands of reports of safe administration of our vaccine, we will not declare it an effective vaccine. We do not aim to undermine the public trust in the FDA.”

Without any guarantees on the possible success of the vaccine from CoroHope, a lot of people will be skeptical about taking any product from them. This begs the credibility of the project if the vaccine will not be declared effective at the end of the day.

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