Creaton Secures Strategic Investments from NuCypher, ZBS Capital, and ExNetwork

December 8th, 2021 at 3:00 pm UTC · 3 min read

Creaton aims to bridge the gap between creators and their fans. With the help of non-fungible tokens, any artist can create a permanent income stream with a subscription-based model. It will be one of the models driving the Web3 membership economy and revamp the idea of content monetization.

The concept of membership platforms can be rewarding for content creators and their fans. However, in the current landscape, there are too many intermediaries, hurdles, and rules. Creaton solves these issues through decentralization and encryption, empowering the creator and providing direct engagement with fans. The service helps build new connections and provides unprecedented revenue stream opportunities not requiring third-party approval.

With the help of ExNetwork’s strategic funding of $100,000, Creaton can enter the next stage of development. Moreover, the team secured $50,000 from NuCypher and $25,000 from ZBS Capital in a recent strategic funding round. The funds will be used to hire new staff and cover operational costs to provide this next-generation creator-fan interaction to the world.

A NuCypher spokesperson comments on the strategic funding:

“We’ve enjoyed working with the Creaton team over the past year and have greatly benefited from their feedback as one of the power users of proxy re-encryption and threshold cryptography. They started building at the nexus of the creator economy and Web3 – before it was cool – and we’re excited to continue our collaboration. Creaton’s mainnet launch is well-deserved, and we’re excited to see the full realization of what they’ve built on top of NuCypher/Threshold Network.”

The Creaton platform went live earlier in November 2021 after a beta testing period involving smaller creators. Additionally, the team will reach out to influencers to help increase brand awareness and speak up about the benefits, including its cryptocurrency focus and censorship resistance. The platform provides the first-ever streamed subscription model through Superfluid, enabling on-chain gasless cashflows.

Creaton Business Lead and Co-founder Sascha adds:

“After working with NuCypher for almost over a year now we are very happy to welcome them as one of your private investors in our token private sale. This further enables us to work on advancing our efforts in being the first protocol level substack for fully decentralized web3 native social communities and DApps.”

About Creaton

The launch of represents the first time you can get the full Patreon/OnlyFans experience but crypto-driven and censorship-free. The launch itself only represents the first big milestone and we will continue to expand Creaton with amazing features and polish it to perfection.

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