CROMHUB – The First Blockchain-Based Platform for the Performance Marketing/Advertising Industry.

November 15th, 2017 at 1:20 pm UTC · 2 min read

 In an international effort, CROM, built by Hong Kong-based Company, Sure Yield ltd, has expanded its’ advisory and employment reach across the world. In Berlin, Germany, you will find the main development centre working hard to turn the performance marketing industry into a well-oiled machine; CROM is a platform that acts as the intermediary between Advertisers and their Publishers.

CROMhub is their service that will provide a solution to the tricky and long-winded issue that is slowing down the performance marketing ecosystem. In the current system, Advertisers and Publishers alike are struggling to find a secure ground to work from with no thanks to the lengthy process that is involved in the time and resource consuming settlement cycle.

Not to mention the uncertainty of monthly performance and the risk of fraud, which when uttered in the mind of a market player can be a deal breaker. Which is where CROM comes in; the service that the platform will provide is that of the intermediary.

CROM, alongside and with current event tracking systems will make all events transparent in the blockchain, all the while settling payments between advertiser and publisher immediately in most cryptocurrencies.

Usually, dealing with these settlements involves a number of stages:

Sale notifications, payment requests, confirmation of sums, negotiations, invoicing, and eventually settlement, and so on. All of which involve an intermediate working between each stage of communication that should really on be between the Advertiser and the Publisher.

CROM is set to tackle these hurdles with Ethereum based smart-contracts; the already over $500 billion/year performance market needs the technology fuel that keeps all parties on the same page and at all times with transparent and instant results.


To fund development of the platform, CROM are hosting a token sale during which contributors will be able to become the first owners of their ERC20-based CROM tokens.

Early backers will have access to a Pre-ICO running from November 17th to December 1st with 2 Million CROM tokens available.

The main ICO for the ground-breaking project has announced an ICO beginning December 1st, 2017, ending December 15th, 2017 with 4 million tokens available to the public.



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