CrypKart Set to Offer the Most Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
CrypKart Set to Offer the Most Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange
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With a view to ensure the highest level of security for its users, CrypKart deploys a number of tools aimed at reducing the risk of possible losses.

The security issues are among the most pressing ones in the crypto space today. A number of hacks happened at the major platforms make the whole situation really alarming for users. Such circumstances have become a good incentive for many platform operators to look for new solutions that would provide a higher level of security to their users.

CrypKart is one of such platforms that take care about their clients’ safety. With an aim to become the most secure platform in the crypto space, CrypKart deploys multi sig security and carries out daily audits that are aimed at detecting bugs and features that may decrease the level of protection user assets’ protection as well as the platform’s own assets and data.

The multiple audits are conducted daily by a number of external sources. But that’s not all. The platform has its own dedicated team of coders and ethical hackers that are monitoring all processes and procedures in order to find any vulnerabilities timely and exclude them.

Periodically, CrypKart deploys testing against Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks as well as testing of their website for penetration spots and areas. The platform’s CryptoCurrency Security Standard expert is responsible for the issues of users’ security.

To ensure a sufficient level of security for its users, CrypKart offers a range of features. One of them is a cold wallet storage.  As soon as any digital assets is received by the platform, a client can be sure that it will be transferred to a safe destination. Cold storing is a good way to keep the funds far away from potential threats. Nevertheless, users have access to their funds at any time they wish.

The platform also employs multi factor login tools that require 2FA/captchas/text messages/biometrics (for Android&iOS); email and mobile verification are used as well. KYC verification and AML verification help CrypKart to nullify all the multiple accounts and fake user accounts that are created on its platform.  Moreover, thanks to these types of verification it is possible to minimize the possibility, risk and threat of fraudulent activities that may happen.

To give its users more confidence, CrypKart provides a comprehensive insurance pack for users’ digital assets. In case of any attacks that may lead to any losses, users will have a chance to get more than 50% of their lost funds back.

There are also some other additional security features that are employed by the platform, nevertheless, they should be kept confidential for the issues of the project’s safety.

Though it is widely said that any product in the crypto industry is good only till the moment of any security breach, CrypKart is trying to change this point of view. The main aim of CrypKart is not only to provide a solution in case of any attack but also to detect and prevent any threats before they cause any harm to users and their assets.

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