Cryptelo-A Decentralized Storage Network

February 23rd, 2018 at 7:20 am UTC · 4 min read

There are billions of dollars of wealth stored behind digital keys globally today and this sum is growing rapidly.The total global value of encrypted, private information stored digitally and accessible by encrypted key is incalculable. Emails of Hillary Clinton, Panama Papers, Ashley Madison Data Breach, and Snapchat etc. are few examples of huge cases of breach of data stored online and have caused humongous repercussions at its leakage.

This implies our information stored online is exposed to huge risks. One  of  the  biggest  challenge  for  the  future  of  digital  economy  and  digital  world  resides  in preserving secrecy and ensuring privacy. But, citizens and economical actors don’t just want only secrecy, they also want quantifiable secrecy. The point is not only to ensure confidentiality of data, but also to be able to be sure that confidentiality of data is ensured.

Cryptelo provides for digital security by means of end to end encryption via blockchain technology. The team of Cryptelo do not have access of the users’ stored information itself. Therefore the information is completely in the hands of the user. It is a decentralised storage network which is open to implement in any programme.

There is no central authority or intermediary or third party to do the validation. With absence of any intermediary, data is secured as information need not pass various channels. Since the information is decentralised, the accuracy and transparency is maintained. Therefore, it’s a channel which gives dual benefit.

Cryptelo   has security first   architecture   and   services   for   encrypted   data   storage,   key management, and communication which is vital to achieve this high standard for peace of mind, and the proper functioning of free expression and exchange of information in the digitalworld.

To make use of this platform, one does not have to be crypto expert. It has been designed in such a way to enable anyone to inculcate it in their existing programmes. Any developer can use it and add an extra layer of security to the organisational systems.

Cryptelo  is  already  offering  the  Cryptelo  Drive,  premium  product  designed  specifically  for B2B sales and provides an encrypted virtual drive for companies where users with user account can access their data via web and desktop application and can easily upload, share and edit any type of files.

Along with that, Cryptelo is also building the newgeneration of digital key secured management platform and services implementing the trustless key serverconcept and providing solution about fixing theweb-of-trust, C.A and other standards.

Every piece of information saved in the system is called a record. Every record has its uniqueID which is computed as a hash of its contents. Records can be connected together by embedding last record ID inside new records, forming chains. These chains then have some useful properties; mainly clients can verify that:

  • the chain had not been forked (two child records with same parent ID exist)
  • the chain is continuous -meaning every record from the chain had been sent to the client by the serverand there are no gaps. By replying the information recorded in particular record chain, the client will arrive at final state of some particular topic. Record chain is the idea upon which Cryptelo Drive (sharable, private, file storage) is built.
  • every record is consistent and the data, the client received from the server hasn’t been changed. Client can easily verify that the hash of the record’s data resolves to the ID it already knows.

Cryptelo is  an  effective  path  to  solve  a  worldwide security  problem–providing totally secure shared data solution with no compromise between security and userfriendliness in removing risks of relying on thirdparties in the chain of trust.