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What Is Crypto AMA on Telegram Groups? – ICOspeaks
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With over 200 AMA sessions hosted in two years, it is safe to say that ICO SPEAKS is one of the best groups to host this program.

A Crypto AMA is an incredibly important aspect of popularizing your project and connecting with the community. As a result, Telegram groups are powerful tools to accommodate crypto AMA sessions whether they be love or pre-planned. A Telegram group ensures that you can connect with the top members in the crypto space and also put out credible information free from any rumors from outside. ICO SPEAKS is a telegram group that constantly communicates to its over 75,000 active members, the best and most promising Crypto projects in the world. Thereof, having your crypto AMA session on ICO SPEAKS is a great way to connect to the crypt giants and expand the reach of your project.

However, choosing ICO SPEAKS for your Crypto AMA is only a part of the entire process. There are other intricacies involved in preparing the session. Before the session goes live, it is important that you go through some important requirements to create awareness for your session. Therefore, this article will expose the requirements and what to expect in your AMA session on ICO SPEAKS.

First, let us look at the requirements for your AMA session on the Telegram group.

Requirements for a Crypto AMA on ICO SPEAKS

Website Link

A crypto AMA session is not the end, definitely not. It is more like a means to an end. Therefore, it is important to plug in your website link so that interested members of the ICO SPEAKS group can get to see for themselves what you are about. you need to understand that members of the crypto community are highly intelligent and resourceful people that will carry out their due diligence no matter how enticing your project is from the AMA session. So, you need to provide the ICO SPEAKS team with your website link so the experts can plug it into the AMA session that will be hosted on ICO SPEAKS. Plus, more website traffic will be great for your project’s visibility and online presence.

Crypto Project Logo

You know how before movies hit the cinema, there will be a series of trailers, and promotions to prepare people. These trailers are also great to entice and persuade people to come to see the movie when it comes out. In the same vein, ICO SPEAKS requires your crypto project logo in PNG format to create awareness and build the necessary anticipation for the AMA session.

Date and Time

You will need to provide the data and time before the AMA event commences. It is best to confirm the date and time three days prior to the event but if you can provide these details before the three-day window, then that works too. It gives the ICO SPEAKS team ample time to create awareness about your project.

Why Are These Requirements Important?

We know what you are thinking, ICO SPEAKS need the requirements for the AMA session obviously. That is indeed true but the team goes behind the scenes well before the event and promotes the crypto project with the appropriate website link, data and time, and logo on their Telegram channel and Twitter page.

Another perk of hosting your AMA session on ICO SPEAKS is the opportunity for members to read a recap of all that went down during the live session. ICO SPEAKS publishes the text form of the AMA session and details all the important elements for easy reading and comprehension.

What Happens at Your AMA Session

With over 200 AMA sessions hosted in two years, it is safe to say that ICO SPEAKS is one of the best groups to host this program. For every AMA session that is hosted on ICO SPEAKS, there are four blocks that ensure members are carried along and the proper dissemination of your project ideals is achieved.

Here are the four blocks embedded in the AMA session.


In this block, members and admin are all getting ready to learn about a new project. But it is important for you to introduce yourself not the project but the person behind it. This will allow the members to connect more with the project.  It is best to say things that people can relate to, funny stories about your journey in the crypto space that will resonate with the audience and other things that people can use to identify with you. Without a good self-introduction, you might struggle to connect with the members throughout the session

Project Introduction

Here, you will give the team a brief introduction to the Crypto project. Throw in some statistics that will grab people’s attention or some interesting analysis that will stop People in their tracks and make them stay glued to their devices. You have to give people something to hold on to without divulging the entire information about your project.


The ICO SPEAKS team of Crypto experts will ask questions based on our experience with hosting AMA sessions and working with new crypto projects. It is from these questions that you can give more insights about your project.

Community Voice

After the segment with the ICO SPEAKS team, you will have to communicate with the members of the group who are crypto enthusiasts looking to invest in exciting new projects such as yours. Therefore, you have to convince them by answering the questions in a simple and logical manner. Let them understand clearly the benefits of your project.


These intricate elements are all part of the grand plan of making your AMA session worthwhile. The ICO SPEAKS team will also connect interested parties to you thus expanding your project to a wider audience. It is important that you prepare yourself as there are no holds barred in AMA sessions. People want to be sure that your project is not another scheme to take their money. To avoid any form of ambiguity and answer the questions precisely. Even if your project is credible, you need to prove it to the community and what better way of doing that than ICO SPEAKS AMA session. Book your AMA session with ICOSPEAKS Community on the website.

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