Crypto Enthusiast Reviews DeeLance As DogoDoge and Dogetti Presales Skyrocket to New Heights

May 20th, 2023 at 5:18 pm UTC · 4 min read

Crypto analyst Brandon10x is taking a deep dive into the latest and greatest crypto craze, DeeLance (DLANCE). This platform is shaking things up in the gig economy by combining the best of traditional freelancing with cutting-edge decentralised technology.

The excitement doesn’t stop with DeeLance. There are two new presales looming large on the horizon that are set to make some serious waves in June: Dogetti (DETI) and DogoDoge (DOGO). Keep your eyes peeled because this could be the beginning of a crypto revolution.

Crypto Enthusiast Reviews DeeLance As DogoDoge and Dogetti Presales Skyrocket to New Heights

Deelance Shakes Up Freelancer-Employer Game

DeeLance is a brand new platform that’s about to shake up the freelancer-employer game like never before. DeeLance is using cutting-edge Web3 technology to completely transform the way we work. Say goodbye to pesky middlemen and hello to complete ownership of your work. And for clients? They’ll have peace of mind knowing that they own the digital rights to their purchases.

DeeLance’s metaverse is a vibrant hub of micro-communities where creatives can gather, exchange ideas, and build lasting relationships. And if you’re in the market for digital assets, their NFT marketplace is the perfect spot to make your purchases.

With a whopping $500k already raised in their token presale, this platform is definitely one to watch. And here’s the best part: during phase two of their presale, investors, employers, and freelancers alike can get in on the ground floor and snag DLANCE tokens at the unbeatable price of just $0.029 USDT each. So what are you waiting for? Join the revolution today!

Dogetti – Canina Craze

Beware, dog-themed cryptos. There’s a new canine in town with serious intentions. Say hello to Dogetti (DETI), a meme-inspired cryptocurrency that’s causing quite a stir. The objective of this token is to establish a brand image that revolves around the concept of family.

However, Dogetti is far from just another adorable face in the meme coin market. By utilising mafia-related metaphors in a playful manner, Dogetti seems poised to dominate the meme coin industry. This crypto newbie has already secured a staggering $1.2 million in presale investments and is ready to unleash its unique combination of entertainment and community on the world.

Dogetti has positioned itself as “The Family,” featuring sophisticated mafia dogs sporting fedoras and puffing on big cigars, which makes joining this group irresistible. To add to the excitement, the launch date is scheduled for June, allowing you ample time to purchase DETI tokens before they appreciate in value. However, be warned that time passes swiftly when you’re having this much fun.

Dogetti is already one of the most highly sought-after presale tickets of 2023, and with its contagious enthusiasm, it’s hard to predict where this pack of dogs will go next. So, what are you waiting for? Join the Dogetti family today and get ready to go wild for this new crypto clan.

Crypto Enthusiast Reviews DeeLance As DogoDoge and Dogetti Presales Skyrocket to New Heights

DogoDoge – Play-to-earn Feature Gets Tails Wagging

DogoDoge (DOGO) is a cryptocurrency that promises speedy and secure transactions, making it a real contender in the world of digital assets.

But what sets DOGO apart from the pack is its Play to Earn feature, which rewards token holders with more DOGO coins. Not only that, but DOGO has a heart of gold. Its community-driven project aims to give back to furry friends worldwide by distributing 5% of its total token supply to dog welfare charities, making it a noble and worthwhile investment.

But wait, there’s more! DOGO’s presale is turning heads with its unique tokenomics system, which rewards holders with passive income through transaction fees. With a low market cap, this cryptocurrency is an attractive investment opportunity for those looking for high returns.

So, whether you’re a dog lover or a savvy investor, or both, these are three digital assets that are definitely worth your attention.

For more information about Dogetti (DETI): Presale, Website, Telegram, Twitter.

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