Crypto N’ Kafe Creates The First Ecosystem Focused On Regenerating The African Cafe Industry

Place/Date: Ebene, Reduit - Mauritius - January 12th, 2018 at 11:58 am UTC · 2 min read
Source: Crypto N’Kafe

Crypto N’Kafe (CNK) is a global decentralized ecosystem powered by Blockchain technology. The platform directly connects farmers and consumers and helps to overcome retailer domination. The platform also offers a variety of smart contracts to facilitate efficient operations.

The CNK platform benefits consumers through inexpensive access to high quality coffee, ease of purchase, and unlimited access to suppliers.

Farmers benefit through price controls and being close to the customer. Roasters are also able to make deals with both farmers and consumers while retailers build stronger, loyal relationships with their customers.

Crypto N’Kafe Token sale

The Pre-Sale begins January 18, 2018 and goes through January 29, 2018, with a 25-35% bonus. The ICO begins February 4, 2018 through March 25, 2018, with a scaled interval bonus structure.The maximum amount during the ICO is offered at 51,000 ETH, and a total of 51,000,000 CNK tokens will be issued and distributed.

Benefits of Crypto N’Kafe

With Crypto N’Kafe there are no hidden margins or markups per coffee transaction.

CNK tokens can be used without any centralized decision making authority and that enables smooth operational flow within the African coffee supply chain. The CNK ensures lower price volatility and greater profits for farmers.

The company has a deeply talented team, technical development leaders and experienced advisors.