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Got New Crypto Project Idea? HollaEx Lets You Create Your Own Crypto Tokens

UTC by Bhushan Akolkar · 5 min read
Got New Crypto Project Idea? HollaEx Lets You Create Your Own Crypto Tokens
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HollaEx allow crypto market enthusiasts to create and launch their coin and market thereby reducing the barrier to entry by a great extent.

As Web3 has become all the rage and the adoption of crypto technology on the rise, the market seems much more flooded with interesting turn-key crypto solutions that help businesses break into the space. We have seen interesting tools and projects driving the market into various new web3 areas like DeFi, DApps, DEXs, Metaverse, etc. But how do businesses and entrepreneurs tap into the space?

Realizing an idea and bringing it to market is no easy job. There are some real technical challenges unique to crypto that make implementation extra difficult. We’ve all heard of the hacks. General the knowledge gap is still too large and so going to your typical software development service provider isn’t probably going to cut it.

Doing a google search for white-label crypto tools and open-source solution is one but collectively in recent times due to the demand it can be hard to know what tool kit to use.

However, HollaEx stands out as it does make the effort to reduce the barrier to entry. The software puts the user in the driver’s seat and allows you to launch digital tokens on your own crypto exchange platform.

Normally, launching a token and running an exchange would be 2 separate endeavors. But with the exchange system HollaEx it essentially doubles as the vehicle for every crypto business need imaginable.

The crypto software tool kit is technically defined as a white-label software for exchange creation. Most users use the software for simple tasks like token creation and market pairing, listing and price discovery, but HollaEx says it is capable of much more.

It is also an open-source solution that is well tested and used by many businesses and fintech services as their daily driver solution for crypto.

The exchange software helps token and coin creations to design their own tokenomic system within the exchange software itself. Furthermore, it will also help in curating interesting incentive models, referral systems and crypto user reward systems.

Businesses using HollaEx aren’t required to be technical and thus frees up resources to focus on the business. A striaghtforward, fast and easy way to market crypto business solution.

The community around HollaEx already spans to more than 50 different countries, across 50 markets, with over 150 exchange systems.

For those looking to offer a token, or provide a market for their own coin and blockchain system then HollaEx is the best solution as it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The do-it-yourself style keeps costs low for operators and is perfect for beginners.

To use the system free you are required to self-assemble and host the platform yourself but this only requires a few simple steps which are detailed further below. Once live the exchange system offers a plethora of extra features, including the token and market creation system.

For the less tech-savvy, an automated HollaEx cloud deployment service, with hosting management are available under an pay-as-you-go affordable subscription model that can even be paid in crypto or XHT, the HollaEx token of the ecosystem.

Five Steps to Create a Coin on HollaEx

Before we proceed to create our own token or coin, HollaEx has got its own native token—the HollaEx Token XHT. XHT is available on Estonian Exchange STEX, Emirex, Uniswap and of course HollaEx Pro. XHT donation is required to audit/verify and activate new tokens and their new markets. The XHT donations are distributed to XHT stakers.

Here are the five simple steps of creating a token/coin on HollaEx.

  1. Get set up and get your exchange live and head towards your exchange’s admin operator control panel (AKA, blue admin).
  2. Add or create your coin. Note, that this can be an ERC, TRC or BEP 20 token.
  3. Pair your newly added coin with another coin to create your market. You will see this under market ‘Create or add Market’ in your exchange’s admin operator control panel.
  4. Click create a new market. If the asset and the market are brand new, it will require time for auditing.
  5. After the audit is complete the token will be activated and the wallet on your exchange for the new token will now have a function for deposits, withdrawals, as well as a functioning market against USDT or whatever it was you paired your token against.

Got New Crypto Project Idea? HollaEx Lets You Create Your Own Crypto Tokens

In a press release shared with CoinSpeaker, HollaEx explained:

“An exchange is the perfect place to start a new token and craft its tokenomics. Owning an exchange system will naturally provide pricing, wallet storage and global blockchain connection for the token. Your users and customers will also have an easy-to-use service with centralized source news, marketing, information and access to customer service.”

All-in-all using a white-label crypto software to launch your crypto project is advantageous in terms of your time, money as well as security and happens to be the best way to start a new coin or token. With HollaEx, you as a business owner can be in the drivers seat and makes any project or coin launch as a less daunting task. The HollaEx crypto tool kit helps bring your idea to life and cuts through your market competition by providing a global first marketplace in the fastest time possible.

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