Crypto Trading Needs Something Fresh, and Streamex Delivers

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Crypto Trading Needs Something Fresh, and Streamex Delivers
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Crypto market is still away from reaching its full potential, and new players should be incentivized to enter the field. comes up with a fresh solution.

Blockchain technology continues to move forward, securing more partnerships and greater mainstream exposure. Yet as the market falters, it’s clear that something needs to be done to incentivize new entrants to the scene. offers a fresh solution, in a sleek, user-friendly social trading platform, built for today’s crypto landscape.

Problems Inherent in Today’s Exchanges

Existing crypto trading platforms suffer from a raft of issues, getting in the way of significant growth. These issues include:

  • Insecure platforms
  • Poor, over-complex user experiences
  • Slow order fulfillment and low liquidity
  • Poor quality of support
  • Lack of high-level trading tools
  • Difficulty trading between fiat and crypto

Despite these shortcomings, top exchanges are doing over $5 billion in trade volume per week, and $20 billion in over a month. Yet crypto is still away from reaching its full potential, and likely won’t do so until a solution appears that tackles this list of problems.

The market share, even for lower-volume trading platforms, is massive, and will only increase as new traders enter the market. Streamex is well-positioned to capitalize on both existing market share and new market share to come from those not yet trading cryptocurrencies.

User acquisition and retention are key for cryptocurrency at this time, especially as the price barrier for new traders is lower than it has been for over a year. As long as crypto only caters to high-level traders, the market’s growth will stay stunted. Currently, knowledge is siloed and hoarded, acting as barriers of entry, getting in the way of fresh money from entering the industry.

Bridging the Gap Between Novice and Experienced Traders

Streamex introduces a “social trading” platform. Users have the option to create a profile, showing information about their trading performance, such as trade history, trade volumes and profit/loss. Other users pay tokens to follow high-level “master” traders, and receive insights on their trading activity and strategies.

The other key feature is community trading pools. Any verified Streamex trader can create a pool, offering other users the chance to contribute. Pool creators get back a return of anywhere from 5-30% of profits, on top of their own contribution.

Social trading and trading pools offer benefits for both new and experienced traders. Newer traders are given a benchmark to work towards and successful portfolios to learn from. Additionally, there is an easy avenue to get started in crypto trading, by contributing to community-vetted pools.

Traders on the other end of the spectrum are given an additional revenue stream by offering up their knowledge and giving a glimpse of their activity. Gamification and a global “hall of fame” leaderboard offers yet another potential revenue stream for successful traders, as well as a way for all users to easily find the top performers.

The platform still has everything that high-level traders need in an exchange. Their high-frequency matching engine can process orders at 5,500,000-6,600,000 orders per second – faster than any exchange in the market today. Other features of the trading experience include:

  • Advanced chart layouts
  • Trade alerts
  • A fully customizable trading dashboard
  • Native iOS and Android apps
  • USD/EUR fiat trading and withdrawals

These features make the exchange one of the most powerful for every level of trader.

Streamex tops it all off with comprehensive security features. As part of their internal research, the most common issue highlighted in today’s exchanges was a lack of security. The team is tackling this with a commitment to transparency and safety for users. The platform comes with high-level security (following the ISO27001 security banking standard) and reliable 24-hour online support.

Get In On The Ground Floor of

The project is currently in private ICO stage, at which 60% of the initial STE token supply (native token of the Streamex platform) is available. STE holders can use tokens for discounted trading fees (including free trades on STE markets), as well as:

  • Access to trading alerts and P2P interactions
  • Access to portfolio insights
  • Community trading
  • Tipping between traders and followers

The exchange’s official launch is planned for Q2 of this year. The Streamex team, lead by Founder and CEO Vedran Sisak, promises to bring a trading experience that will disrupt the industry as it stands today.

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