Crypto Trading Will be Much Easier with Algory Project

Place/Date: Poland - November 29th, 2017 at 8:23 am UTC · 4 min read
Contact: Algory Project, Source: Algory Project

Algory prject tool was created for the nearly 30,000,000 traders on over 100 global cryptocurrency exchanges. It includes 13 integrated functionalities with a singular purpose in mind – increase the efficiency of traders and multiply their profits.

Tomasz Przybycień, one of the founders and creators of Algory Project says:

“In trading, time is crucial: time spent on research and time spent on actual trading. When I presented the project proposal to the traders of the cryptocurrency market, their answer was ‘This is exactly what we’ve all been waiting for!’ Which is why we have started working on the project with even greater enthusiasm.”

The people behind Algory Project include traders from the largest exchanges in the world – NYSE and NASDAQ, as well as developers and experts from many fields. The project grows day by day and the application itself receives more new features.

“We created Algory Project so that we spend less time on research, leaving more time for investing. And it works”, says Przybycień, who spent over a dozen years on the US Stock Markets. The creators had the idea to make such a tool a long time ago but now, we are approaching the moment when the application will finally see the light of day. For now, the signup for the product’s Whitelist ICO started on 15th November. You can sign and get 20% bonus till 7th of December.

Cryptoscanner – a powerful tool for traders

What does Algory Project offer exactly? Instead of hours of research – an answer in less than a second. Instead of irritation – comfort related to the fact that all your information is collected inside one platform No more hunting it down among hundreds of pages of data – the cryptocurrency scanner will do it for you. Exchange rates, fluctuations, transactions, correlations, technical analyses, fundamental analyses, and much more. Various detailed filters enable you to find exactly what you need.

Profit with faster news & research – Cryptonews

With the Cryptonews functionality of Algory Project, you don’t need to waste time clicking between websites. The tool will show you the most recent news from the cryptocurrency markets posted to websites and social media. You have the opportunity to search and filter the information, select interesting categories, cryptocurrency symbols or keywords. You can also add your own websites, blogs and social media accounts (Twitter, Reddit). As the tool is developed, it will provide users with an autotrading feature to enable them to enter into transactions as soon as specific information is posted to the news sources selected by the user.

Cryptocurrency Backtester – check the profitability of your strategy

Each trade involves a degree of risk. The Backtester functionality in Algory Project helps to estimate this risk and evaluate the chances of the planned trading strategy. All of this is possible with a comprehensive historical database utilized by users to test their selected filters and alerts. This enables them to fine-tune and implement the most successful strategy, then, using the autotrading functionality, the users can fully automate the process.

13 ways for better trading

Every day, Algory Project receives massive attention from the experts working on improving its 13 functionalities. Apart from the features described above, you will also have access to:

  • Blockchain analyzer – monitoring the flows between the largest wallets on the cryptocurrency market. Helping to draw conclusions regarding possible rate changes and to react in a timely fashion
  • Social learning – internal platform for the traders to share their knowledge and experience via video
  • Autotrading – algorithm that will open position based on you scanners’ alert
  • Trading Room – meeting place for traders, open 24/7

Become the most profitable crypto trader you can be!

If you trade cryptocurrencies, then you absolutely need Algory. It is the most actionable and multifunctional tool ever built for individual crypto traders all over the world.

Anyone who is interested in Algory Project can sign up to the Whitelist which started on 15th November. It is well worth doing as it makes you eligible for a guaranteed token purchase before the public Crowdsale.