P2P Exchange CryptoLocally Adds Buy and Sell Support for TRX

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P2P Exchange CryptoLocally Adds Buy and Sell Support for TRX
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P2P Exchange CryptoLocally has added TRON (TRX) to their site allowing users to buy and sell tokens using fiat currency. Now this cryptocurrency marketplace supports in total nine cryptos.

Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace CryptoLocally has announced a new coin integration. TRON’s TRX token has been added to the site, enabling users to buy and sell the token using fiat currency. CryptoLocally, which launched as EOSLocally before expanding to other chains, now supports nine cryptos.

In addition to TRX, users can swap EOS, BTC, WAX, USDT, TLOS, BOS, EOSDT, BNB, and BUSD. Moreover, TRON’s native currency is a boon for users of the dApp network, whose use cases have been proliferating. While still oriented around gaming and gambling, TRON has assimilated other companies through a spate of M&As. As a result, its user base now extends to that of BitTorrent, DLive, and Steemit.

More On-Ramps, More Privacy

P2P marketplaces have seen robust growth as cryptocurrency users have wised to the pitfalls of heavily KYC’d exchanges and on-ramps that strip away privacy and present a honeypot for hackers. Peer-to-peer exchanges, in which only the buyer and seller know one another’s payment details, are seen as a more private way to legally transact. CryptoLocally has been at the vanguard of this trend, having transcended the EOS ecosystem it was formed in following a March rebrand.

In announcing the rebrand, CryptoLocally was quick to stress its commitment to maintaining user privacy, writing:

“CryptoLocally remains a decentralized platform that prioritizes user autonomy. That means we do not hold any of our users’ private keys and will operate with the same values and mission that made you trust us so far.”

Buying TRX Just Got Easier

CryptoLocally supports a range of local and international payment methods including PayPal, Venmo, and bank transfer. New users wishing to buy or sell TRX should have no trouble navigating their way around the site; TRX can be selected from the list of tokens in the top right dropdown menu. After that, it’s just a case of selecting one of the offers posted by the TRX buyer or seller, agreeing terms and conducting the trade. Like all markets of this nature, CryptoLocally uses secure escrow, allowing it to arbitrate in the unlikely event of disputes.

The integration of TRX into CryptoLocally is a small – but not insignificant – indication of the direction TRON is moving in. Since launching, the TRON network has evolved into the industry’s entertainment chain of choice. Its consumer-oriented products, including video streaming site DLive, and its array of gambling dApps, mark TRON out as a network that’s strictly for the people, not the corporations. As such, the addition of another P2P exchange option will resonate well with TRON’s users, who may be fans of crypto, but are less enamored with the hoops that have to be jumped through to acquire it. Platforms like CryptoLocally play a vital role in addressing this pain point.

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