Cryptology Asset Group Allocates $100M to Invest in Cryptocurrency Funds Globally

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Cryptology Asset Group Allocates $100M to Invest in Cryptocurrency Funds Globally
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The founder of Cryptology Christian Angermayer explained that their main vision is to embellish among the leading investors in digital assets globally.

Choosing among the leading funds for businesses related to cryptocurrency and blockchain, Cryptology Asset Group is going to invest $100 million in the coming 24 months. There are only some investment companies that have been listed on the stock market focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses, and Cryptology is among them. They also provide investors easy access with the help of their shares.

This entrepreneurial approach by the firm will build their portfolio in terms of funds and they will also focus on the crypto funds that are happening for the first time and on developing managers.

The founder of Cryptology Christian Angermayer has explained that they are in the initial phase in the uprising of cryptocurrency and their main vision is to embellish among the leading investors globally in digital assets. He also stated that the strategy behind investing is to target the global upcoming talents. They will also initiate seeding of funds and will also purchase stakes in GPs.

Three years back, when they invested capital of $32.9 million, it has grown up to $543 million, which is a huge turnout.

Cryptology will also offer liquid shares to both types of clients, including institutional ones and retail ones, just like they are providing an indirect exposure BULLISH which a new crypto exchange of This financial commitment of Cryptology will definitely secure them a major position in the global portfolio of cryptocurrency.

What does the CEO of Cryptology Have to Say about Their Plans to Invest in Funds?

CEO of Cryptology Patrick Lowry has added in one of his statements that in his opinion, the best class of asset is cryptocurrency. He also mentioned that from the past three years the firm has seen a growth of capital around EUR 27 Million when they invested in a NAV, which was around EUR 459 Million. The resulted IRR of the firm was over 300% per year. It was also added that their entire team is going to work hard and will continue the success story of their organization in the coming decades.

Moreover, Cryptology CEO also elaborated that their dream is to develop a strong portfolio of funds, a wide network, and to invest side by side into new crypto assets and companionship doing business in the blockchain.

This is among the most popular European investment company, which provides services related to blockchain and crypto-assets. Mike Novogratz and Christian Angermayer founded this enterprise and have been successful to date with their vision. Cryptology is the biggest trade holding company that is publicly available.

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