CryptoSharkParty St. Petersburg: CryptoShark Conference is Сoming to St. Petersburg

November 3rd, 2017 at 7:55 am UTC · 2 min read

Investors, programmers, journalists, the best projects from Moscow and St. Petersburg at the CryptoSharkParty at the restaurant GODJI, at Caravannaya Street 8 ,  on the  5th of  November at 9 pm.

The topic of the evening is MONEY! Electronic for sure.

The best representatives of the Moscow blockchain-elite like investors, developers, journalists, media persons, representatives of ICO-projects, participants and speakers of the conference FutureTech will gather in St. Petersburg in the informal atmosphere of the evening.

CryptoSharkParty is an informal networking where you can discuss any interesting topics with powerful market players and get acquainted with investors and traders, developers, and media-persons.

It is a great honor for the CryptoSharkParty project to present our partner in St. Petersburg – Vladimir Smerkis.

Vladimir is an entrepreneur and a blockchain projects private investor, he is going to present the Tokenbox project for our guests, which is the first ecosystem for crypto-investors, funds and traders on the market; he will also tell us what the answer should be to the main crypto-market problems which currently exist.

At the CryptoShark-5 Meeting will take place the auction of the painting from the series CryptoShark by the artist Anastasia Kopytseva.

The main picture is in the Miami Art Gallery, the second one has been sold for 0.67 BTC to the investor Sergei Vishnyakov, the third is given to Vitalik Butterin, the fourth is sold in Moscow to the founder of for 0.933 BTC in the closed CryptoSharkClub on November 18.

During CryptoSharkParty will be presented Tokenbox-Project, here you will have an opportunity to join the project at private sale (the crowd sale will start with Token Generation Event to be held on November 14)

Special surprises for our guests from partners!

We are glad to see you among our guests– Tickets amount will be strictly limited!