CryptX Wallet Now Available

Place/Date: - August 11th, 2020 at 7:24 pm UTC · 2 min read
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CryptX Wallet Now Available
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CryptX announces the public availability of its flagship product. The CryptX operational wallet provides enterprise custodial services with institutional-grade security for nearly 100 different cryptocurrencies including ERC20 tokens. It is the simplest yet most secure way to accept, store, and manage diverse crypto assets. Private keys are kept in Swiss bank-grade Hardware Security Modules (HSM) developed, manufactured, programmed, and stored in Switzerland. CryptX also includes a feature-rich API for customizing and fully automating routine swaps and regular transactions to meet any business model with cryptocurrency income.

CryptX allows businesses dealing in diverse cryptocurrencies to balance volatile assets easily and automatically, maintaining liquidity across multiple coins during day-to-day operations, and avoiding costly exchange-based transactions. CryptX CEO, George Gvazava, says:

“Crypto-based businesses will see their transaction fees reduced by up to 75% by taking advantage of our optimized wrapping of blockchain transactions.”

CryptX is ideal for crypto ATM operators, gaming providers, e-commerce businesses, and any company seeking to accept multiple types of digital assets easily and securely.

Cryptomat, a leading Crypto ATM network in Europe, was an early CryptX customer, switching from BitGo in July 2019. Cryptomat CEO, Ioseb Bolkvadze, notes:

“Using CryptX is the best way to save on fees and move coins quickly. Our Cryptomats operate more efficiently and customer satisfaction has improved immensely.”

About CryptX

Founded in 2018, CryptX identified the need for an efficient, simple, and highly secure multi-asset operational crypto wallet. A small and effective team of experienced blockchain developers produced the CryptX wallet and began a closed beta offering less than a year later. Since then, CryptX has been performing thousands of digital asset swaps for customers seeking to maintain liquidity and minimize volatility.

Disclaimer: CryptX does not offer or sell securities. We do not provide legal, tax, investment, or other advice.