Cudos to Support Sfera Technologies Ground-Based Space Infrastructure

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Cudos to Support Sfera Technologies Ground-Based Space Infrastructure
Photo: CUDOS

Speaking on the new partnership, the CEO of Sfera Technologies, Zdravko Dimitrov, noted that it was driven by the need for integration. 

Foremost decentralised computer network group Cudos is set to provide multidimensional support to the ground space infrastructure used by Sfera Technologies.

This support, which will take the form of a partnership between the two companies, is a strategic move to, among other things, drive a significant reduction in the cost of the space industry.

The partnership agreement requires Cudos to provide full computation support to Sfera’s decentralized space data infrastructure widely known as Ephemeris. Ephemeris is a multichain protocol by Sfera Technologies designed to provide integrated satellite data delivery and process management systems on the blockchain.

According to details of the agreement, the company plans to operate its satellite ground station network on top of Ephemeris, which is to provide smart contracts and oracles.

It is important to note that an increase in the number of EO satellites in orbit will automatically drive up the number of consumers of EO data across multiple economic sectors.

However, in this case, the infrastructure for storing, processing, and delivering this data is not optimised for large-scale growth due to the limitations of hyper-scale cloud service providers current network models, built around only a handful of nodes on centralized network architectures. And this is where Cudos comes in.

Cudos is an oracle network built on a highly decentralized and scalable architecture. The infrastructure is provided by thousands of nodes distributed globally and forms the backbone of a blockchain-based low latency network.

The nature and structure of its operations means its partnership with Sfera will bring EO computation to Cudosgrowing network.

Speaking on the new partnership, the CEO of Sfera Technologies, Zdravko Dimitrov, noted that it was driven by the need for integration.

“By integrating with CUDOS, Ephemeris obtains another piece of the puzzle – computing power to crunch raw Earth Observation (EO) data from satellites into commercial imagery products,” Dimitrov from Sfera Technologies began.

He explained further that “rigid legacy services like the satellite ground segment can now leap straight into Web3 territory, and it’s inspiring to be at the helm of this transformation together with Cudos. Considering our shared vision on decentralized data ecosystems, we are eagerly looking forward to the great space industry solutions that will come out of our partnership.”

On the other hand, the Vice President of partnerships at Cudos, Nuno Perreira, stated that the alliance is a confirmation that both companies have a shared goal.

“The alliance with Sfera Technologies demonstrates our shared belief in the future of decentralized compute and the significant benefits it holds for various economic sectors, including the space industry,” Perreira said. “Sferas vision is unique in that it includes an ecosystem that was previously excluded from the Web3 conversation. We’re thrilled to support high-performance computing on Ephemeris for EO imagery and more,” said Pete Hill, VP of Sales at Cudos.

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