CyberCrimeCon 2018

September 26th, 2018 at 9:45 pm UTC · 1 min read

This year’s CyberCrimeCon will bring together more than 1000 cybersecurity experts from Europe, Middle East and Asia. A separate session will be dedicated to cybersecurity of the crypto industry, which has been one of the major themes in 2018. Hackers turned their attention to blockchain projects, cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto funds, which are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

CyberCrimeCon 2018

CyberCrimeCon 2018 will assemble speakers from all over the world – representatives from INTERPOL, Europol, cyber police from different countries, top executives of banks, telecommunications and cybersecurity companies.

The conference will focus on international cybercrime trends and forecasts as well as the analysis of the most dangerous hacking groups’ attacks. Top industry experts will discuss new vectors of attacks in blockchain industry and the technologies aimed at protection against cyber threats.

Group-IB will also present its annual report «Hi-Tech Crime Trends 2018», which analyses key cybercrime trends of 2018.

CyberCrimeCon 2018 will take place in Moscow on October 9-10.

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