Dan Schatt, Co-Founder and President of Libra Credit, Delivers Keynote “A Decentralized Lending Ecosystem”

May 2nd, 2018 at 10:06 pm UTC · 2 min read

The World Digital Asset Summit (WDAS) Singapore 2018 is an inaugural conference to connect the best-in-class blockchain projects, developers and investors globally.

With a keynote titled “A Decentralized Lending Ecosystem”, Dan shared his insights about democratizing lending and enabling financial inclusion, as well Libra Credit’s advancement roadmap.

“Where you live in the world shouldn’t dictate your financial choices. Anyone, anywhere should have access to liquidity.”

–  Dan Schatt, Co-founder and President

Libra Credit’s decentralized lending ecosystem harnesses blockchain technology to provide global access to credit. Recent interest in digital assets and tokenization has increased exponentially, capturing the attention of banks and traditional lending institutions.

The value of collaborations between Fintech companies and traditional financial institutions cannot be ignored: banks offer knowledge of business processes, a wide client base and solid funding, while FinTech companies bring technological innovation and agility.

Valuable partnerships with financial institutions will drive blockchain technology, once the domain of a few passionate technologists, firmly into the mainstream.

About Dan Schatt

Dan Schatt is a frequent industry speaker and author of “Virtual Banking, A Guide to Innovation and Partnering”, an Amazon bestseller. As the former general manager of financial innovations at PayPal, his team led and executed PayPal’s initiatives with the banking and payments industry.

Dan was on the founding executive team of Stockpile, Inc. and served as chief commercial officer. Dan has spent time in Asia, having worked for Citicorp Investment Bank in Singapore and Citibank Australia. He has a master of business administration and a master of international affairs from Columbia University.

About Libra Credit

LIBRA CREDIT is a decentralized global lending network that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime. Founded by former PayPal technical and financial experts, Libra Credit is a leader in the lending industry, specializing in blockchain technology.

Using a suite of decentralized lending smart contracts, Libra Credit allows its borrowers to choose from two forms of lending denominations: stable cryptocurrency or fiat money.

Libra Credit is set to revolutionize the lending industry by merging an established global lending network, a diverse team of entrepreneurial leaders, and the power of blockchain technology.


Libra Credit

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