Defend the Network, Win Prizes, Play DAObet’s Game of Stakes

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Defend the Network, Win Prizes, Play DAObet’s Game of Stakes
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Viva Gaming, through the DAObet team, introduces a gamified event on its own blockchain, that calls for all participants to compete with each other as validators on the network for a chance to win a share of a total prize pool of more than 500,000 BET tokens.

The Game of Stakes will not be for the faint-hearted, as it will test the limits of participants’ social, economic and technical tactics as they battle it out with others to present the most robust, flexible, and attack-proof strategies to improve the DAObet blockchain. Players must be shrewd, cunning, and able to outwit the outwitters of the network, defending the blockchain as validators, while interacting within the ecosystem, to ensure the best lessons are learnt to build an even better and more stable DAObet environment.

Monitor in real time the status of your software and build up your defence to anticipate every action ever dreamt up by bad actors: treacherous net attacks, non-recognized validators, and malicious code.

A Contest in the Spirit of Decentralization

The DAObet blockchain now allows anyone to launch their own test node to trial the blockchain mainnet, and soon DAObet users can create their own unique DAO.Wallet, a critical mainstay that allows full workability within the DAObet ecosystem.

However, before the mainnet can confidently launch, its creators want to gurantee validator nodes are up to par in terms of security and attack resistance. And what better way to improve the network by getting the very best out there to play out real-life scenarios?

The Game of Stakes is designed to represent the very best principles of DAObet, a platform for blockchain development and decentralized gaming. A testnet game created to troubleshoot issues and doom scenarios thought up through crowd wisdom, it is hoped that the best practices and lessons from the Game of Stakes will result in a seamless and secure mainnet launch.

Playing the Game of Stakes

Participants will play the role of network validators, who must protect DAObet from all attacks, from outside and from within, to ensure all network users attain safe, secure, stable and uninterrupted service. The objectives will be to:

  • Produce blocks in a stable manner. Every signed block gives you Validator Points.
  • Design a node infrastructure with high fault tolerance and with focus on high operational stability
  • Cope with high loads and frequent network attacks.
  • Update software versions quickly and coordinate hard forks with other validators.
  • Use network to send transactions and understand voting process.

Throughout the testgame, DAObet will run a full working version of the mainnet to be launched. At random times, it will trigger significant network scenarios such as code updates, governance issues, full-scale attacks and others, requiring validators to meet each challenge head on and emerge with objectives achieved. Every event will be public and transparent, with monitoring access within the blockchain.

To ensure proper participation, please ensure to meet all minimum technical requirements and keep to the rules of conduct, as specified and published in the DAObet Telegram validor channel.

Share the news and compete with your friends, or head on right out to complete the special form and join the fun with the community on the DAObet game chat.

Think you have what it takes to defeat masses of attackers coming to conquer your node? Face down the threats of blockchain validation and win your share of over 500,000 BET tokens in the Game of Stakes!

For more information,  read the blog, or interact with the community on Telegram.

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