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DasCoin Blockchain Just Improved Its Speed by an Impressive 100 Percent

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by Maria Konash · 2 min read
DasCoin Blockchain Just Improved Its Speed by an Impressive 100 Percent
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Aiming to become the mainstream digital currency and true Currency of Trust, DasCoin goes as far as to make the underlying blockchain technology two times faster.

The DasCoin blockchain just halved its block time speed, dropping it from six seconds per block down to three. Even the previous block time of six seconds was a new standard, but the current three-second transactions make the DasCoin blockchain rank among the fastest in the world.

What Is DasCoin?

DasCoin is the Currency of Trust. The ultimate goal of DasCoin is to become the very first worldwide mainstream digital currency. To achieve this, the project enhances regulatory compliance, governance, distribution, transaction capacity, and operational efficiency. Owing to these improvements, many consider DasCoin to be an improved method of exchanging and storing value.

DasCoin Blockchain’s Graphene Tech Facilitates Increased Speed

The DasCoin blockchain’s ability to double its speed comes down to Graphene – blockchain technology that underlies the system – and its governance system. Using Graphene technology, developers can modify the maximum block size and other system-critical parameters in as little as a half-hour. Compared to the time it takes to complete a similar task on other blockchains, this is almost real-time. Near real-time tuning and execution are also possible, since Graphene does not require every single participant and/or server to make software upgrades before applying changes to critical operating parameters.

Why Increase the Speed Now?

Many blockchains use the blocktime speed as a measure of efficiency and scalability and strive to improve it, but why did DasCoin choose now to double its speed? It comes down to the current growth of DasNet combined with plans for the future. DasCoin team members expect DasNet’s growth to continue. They also anticipate that the blockchain will require a higher volume of transactions once they implement the planned payment solution that will be an essential part of DasCoin.

DasCoin CEO, Michael Mathias, pointed out the value of the increase in speed, citing the expert developers and their abilities. He also mentioned that this was only possible thanks to DasCoin’s Graphene technology being used in the blockchain. Mathias concluded by reminding others that DasCoin aims to become the “Currency of Trust” for the growing digital economy, with the increase in speed putting the project on the right track.

This will not be a stopping point for the DasCoin blockchain. Instead, it is just proof that it can be a world leader in blockchain development, pushing it toward other innovations and developments.

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